18 Funny Briefs Husband Wife

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The latest post this time about the funny husband and wife conversations. You need to read the funny dialogue of husband and wife below, so that your married life is more festive and avoid conflict with your partner. Bringing a cheerful, funny and funny atmosphere in small talks interspersed with jokes between husband and wife is the key to harmony of the household ark. Amen.

Funny Chat Brief Wife

1. Funny Chat Husband Wife: Evil Papa

Wife: “Evil Papa !!! Why do not you say if you’re married again ??? ”
Husband: “Lho Mama is how .. Marriage is Worship, kalo say2 Riya ‘.. Do not get PAHALA donk Papa ..”

2. Funny Chat Husband Wife: So Sweet

Wife: “Mas ,, time dating kok never say hell if Mas is a poor person?”
Husband: “Kan I say many times .. You are my only property .. You just say so sweet!”

3. Funny Chat Husband Wife: Money Shit

Wife: “Pa, when do you get THR from the office?”
Husband: “Yesterday you already papa love to Mama ..”
Wife: “Oh, that yesterday .. What money is Papa drawn what is it?”
Husband: “Which one?”
Wife: “In a brown envelope tucked in a book, in the bottom drawer ..”
Husband: “Ohh that .. That’s bad money …”
Wife: “How sorry money is Pa ..?
Husband: “Yeah, bad money luck … It’s hidden still too!”

4. Cute Conversations Husbands Wife: Save

HUSBAND: “Mom, this is money 50 thousand, dikukupin ya for 3 days, gratitude can make a week …”
WIFE: “Yes sir, make a year too!”
HUSBAND: “Wow lucky I am, have a good wife, beautiful, and thrifty again … Buyed what Mother, 50 thousand money can make a year?”
WIFE: “Bought Calendar 2017 sir .. !!!!!”

5. Conversation Funny Husband Wife: No need Lah

Wife: “Pah, ask for money! I want to go swimming …! ”
Husband: “why go swimming …?”
Wife: “let slim body mama, pa … like mama time girl first …!”
Husbands: “I do not have to … Whale aja every day swim, but still aja big body …!”
Wife: “! @ # $% ^ & *”

Next day …

Husband: “mah … If to market then do not forget to buy fruit …!
Wife: “for what fruit, well …”
Husband: “make throwing toxins in father’s body just let my father’s face so clean …!”
Wife: “do not have lah yah … monkeys every day to eat fruit, still wrote his face looks like MONKEY …. !!!”
Husband: “! @ # $% ^ & *”

6. Conversation Funny Husband Wife: soul mate

WIFE: “Mas, why sich after we got married, why not ever invite me to walk again …?”
HUSBAND: “Try to remember .., we got married for what, Dik?”
WIFE: “Yes, because JODOH, Mas ..”
HUSBAND: “Well, that’s proof of the saying, ‘If JODOH is not going anywhere …'”

7. Funny Husband Wife Dialogue: OTW

Another wife’s husband’s husband has not gone home2 then call her husband

Wife: “Hallo Pah dah where?”
Husband: “OTW”

An hour later…

Wife: “He said OTW kok not nyampe2 ..”
Husband: “OTW, Ojo Takon Wae ..”

8. Funny Chat Husband Wife: Dead Cigarette

Wife: “sir .., nge-cigarette only .., not afraid to die?”
Husband: “no .. !!”
Wife: “lho .., kok so?”
Husband: “Emma knapa? Kan bring matches .., if die nyalain again ajah .. ”

9. Funny Chat Husband Wife: New Position

Wife: “daddy, this holiday anak2 ask nginep at home eyang kakung. So soon the children will be picked up as grandparents. ”
Husband: “hmmm .. iya not papa.”
Wife: “because later we both live, we nyoba new position yuuuk ..”
Husband: “hayoo afraid. Mama want a position like that ??? ”
Wife: “mama really want to lie down on the couch while watching tv.”
Husband: “steady .. then daddy have to do ma?”
Wife: “papa nyuci, nyetrika, nyapu, same ngepel!”

10. Funny Chat Husband Wife: Hulio Iglesias

Papa: “Mama, do you know guns singer Julio Iglesias? He wants ngadain concert again in Jakarta lho .. ”
Mama: “Sayaaaaang, if you call ‘Julio’ is ‘Hulio’. Do not be plebeous .. ”
Papa: “Ooo .. so ya, …?”
Mama: “Yeah Pa .. Emang when is the concert?”
Papa: “It was Hanuari, but backwards .. If not Huni ya Huli ..”

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