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Recent posts this time to explore the funny story of the Skull. Please listen carefully and prepare extra energy to laugh half dead. A collection of funny stories about skulls collected from various sources of cute short stories. Surely the funniest humorous humorous tale chosen has passed the standard test of minimum feeble and silly feasibility required by the government. Finally, enjoy the funny story gokil make ngakak below.

Funny Humorous Skull Stories

1. Funny Stories His Skull When He Is Still Baby

During the holidays, Mukidi is looking for a part-time job. He became a guide in a museum.

One day, he was tasked with escorting a group of high school kids who were critical. Unfortunately Mukidi is less understanding of history. When the entourage passed a small skull that looked like a fossil, one of his students,

Student: “Mas-mas, who’s that sparrow?”

Mukidi: (with mantab) “Oh that, it’s a very rare skull, nothing in the world. It is the skull of Mahapatih Gadjah Mada. ”

(Suddenly a student nyeletuk).

Student 2: “Lo, Gadjah Mada how is the head so small?”

Mukidi: (calmly) “Oh this is the skull when he was a baby.”

2. The Funny Story of the Skull: The Head of Moses of Childhood

A tourist was visiting Jerusalem. A Jew offered him a skull.

A Jew: “Sir, this is Moses’ skull, it costs only $ 100.”

Tourist: “No !! It’s too expensive. ”

A Jew: “What about this one?” (While showing a smaller skull) Only 50 dollars. ”

Tourist: “Whose skull is this?”

A Jew: “This is the head of the Moses as a child.”

Tourist: “Huh !!”

3. Funny Stories Skulls: Not Hold And Confess Also

When an ancient human skull was successfully lifted from the Sangiran valley, a group of scientists examining the difficulties of determining its age.

Various tests in the laboratory are done with various results that do not match one with the other. After six months of unsuccessful turns, the news was heard by the intelligence chief who then ordered his men to take over the matter.

(Three days later).

The boys: (He proudly informed the group of scientists that the skull was named Phalus Erectus and his age was 25,141 years 6 months 3 days).

Group of scientists: (Wonder and amazed) “How can you determine the name and age of the skull so precisely when we ourselves with a variety of advanced equipment do not get satisfactory results?”

The officer: (With pride) “Indeed my men had bruises and the skull was no less severe, but eventually he could not stand it and confessed too.”

4. Funny Story of the Skull: Being the Same Cat

Markonah: “Lhoh Mas, the fish skull tattoos on your arm yesterday where?”

Mukidi: “Lost Beb.”

Markonah: “How come? What do you want to do? ”

Mukidi: “Lost alone, the fish skull fit me again sleeping with the pus.”

Markonah: “SETRESS!” (Sumpelin pempers).

5. Funny Story Skull: Eating Mushroom Bercaun

Judge: “Is this really your third marriage?”

Man: “Right.”

Judge: “What happened to your first marriage?”

Man: “My wife died from eating poisonous mushrooms.”

Judge: “Then with a second marriage?”

Man: “My wife’s skull bone is cracked.”

Judge: “What happened?”

Man: “He refused to eat poisonous mushrooms.”

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