Funny Short Story Mukidi Who Make Lucky

Are you a fan of funny stories? Want to read the funny, cute, funny, funny short stories from Mukidi? the place. The humorous collection of humor stories about Mukidi here consists of various topics that are sourced from the funny story of WhatsApp group and the BBM group which can certainly make you laugh more loudly than before. Each issue of funny humorous story articles is only presented in one theme so you are more satisfied and entertained.

Recent posts this time to explore the funny story of Mukidi. Please listen carefully and prepare extra energy to laugh half dead. A collection of funny stories about Mukidi collected from various sources of short stories funny, WhatsApp and BBM. Surely the funniest humorous Mukidi story chosen has passed the standard test of feasibility and silly ngakak. Finally, enjoy the funny story of Mukidi gokil make ngakak below.

23 Mukidi Funny Short Story That Makes You Lucky

1. Cute Story Mukidi: Heaven or Hell

Teacher: “Children. Who wants to go to heaven? ”

Children: (In unison) “Sayaa!”

Mukidi: (Again sitting in the back just stood still).

Teacher: “Who wants to go to hell?”

Children: “No way!”

Mukidi: (Keep silent).

Bu teacher: (Move) “Mukidi, you want to go to heaven or hell?”

Mukidi: “Not both of you Master.”

Teacher: “Why?”

Mukidi: “When my father died, he gave a message. Mukidi, whatever happens you must enter the ARMY.

2. Funny Story Mukidi Help Grandma

Mukidi saw that Kartinem’s mbah was confused at the post office.

Mukidi: “Can I help you with Grandma?”

Grandma: “Please post the same stamp as you write the address.

Mukidi: “Anything else?”

Grandma: “Can you help write the contents of the letter?”

Mukidi: (nods).

(The mbah then dictates the letter to completion).

Mukidi: “Simply Grandma?”

Grandma: “One more boy. Please under written, sorry bad granny. ”

3. Cute Story Mukidi: Still Wrong

Wakijan already insyaf and begin to diligently ngaji.

Ustad: “Mas Wakijan, dawn prayers how many rakaat?”

Wakijan: “4, ustad!”

Ustad: “Mas Wakijan go home first, find the right answer.”

(In the middle of Wakijan Street meet his friend Mukidi).

Wakijan: “In your dawn prayers, how many rakats are there?”

Mukidi: “Yes 2 lah.”

Wakijan: “Wow, it’s better to go home. Study more.”

Mukidi: “Why me?”

Wakijan: “Well I said 4 aja is still wrong, let alone 2?”

4. Funny Story Mukidi: Make Condoms

In the operating room of the hospital, a surgeon sees Mukidi being surgically uneasy. To calm him down, Mukidi is joked.

Doctor: “Do you know how to make rubber gloves that I’m using?”

Mukidi: “No dock.” (Gesturing with his hand).

Doctor: “Well sir. The raw rubber is boiled until it melts and the factory worker dips the hand into the rubber liquid. After that the hand was immediately lifted for aerated. Soon there will be gloves like this. ”

Mukidi: (Smiling at the doctor’s explanation).

(A few moments later ).

Mukidi: (laughs laugh).

Doctor: (Wonder) “Why are you laughing like that?”

Mukidi: “Hear the doctor’s story, I then imagine how to make a condom.”

Doctor: (Bengong).

5. Funny Story Mukidi: Wife Mukidi Shy

One day Markonah, Mukidi’s wife told her husband.

Markonah: “Mas was when I opened the bra in front of the glass on the edge of the window. Eh guns there is a handsome guy lookin me continue. ”

Mukidi: “So what do you do?”

Markonah: “I’m so embarrassed mas, then I just cover my face with BH.”

Mukidi: “Dodol base.”

Markonah: “Not dodol Mas. But I’m shy.”

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