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Please listen carefully and prepare extra energy to laugh half dead. A collection of funny stories about sticks collected from various sources of cute short stories. Surely the humorous story The funniest stick chosen has passed the standard test of minimum feeble and silly feasibility required by the government. Finally, enjoy the funny story gokil make ngakak below.

Funny Story Humor Stick Abis

1. Story Funny Stick: Udah Tau Blind

One day a young man named Mukidi was seen conversing with someone he had just met,

Mukidi: “Mas, sorry yes kok wear different colored sandals, one blue the other red?”

Wakijan: “Deliberately, now it’s ngetrend like this. Ordinary ngapel. ”

Mukidi: “Wow, no wrong mas, ngapel pake campaign t-shirts?”

Wakijan: “Deliberately, let me be sure I am no different from him!”

Mukidi: “But why do these nights wear dark glasses, are not you afraid of stumbling?”

Wakijan: “Accidentally! This one you should not ask internally! ”

Mukidi: “Must be expensive glasses ya mas, but what’s not afraid of stumbling?”

Wakijan: “Er, man! This is what ?! ”

Mukidi: “Stick!”

Wakijan: “Have you ever stopped sticking in the forehead?”

Mukidi: “Why are you angry, am I just?”

Wakijan: “It’s all. Do you know the blind cave! ”

2. Funny Stick Stick: It’s Washing the Plate

A family with a 5-year-old child moved to another city in connection with the task, apparently a new environment “Not really well educated”. One day the child called his name Mukiran was playing with other children,

Child: (Swearing) “K * nt * l lu.”

Mukiran: (I can only wonder because I do not understand what the child meant).

(Arriving at home).

Mukiran: “Bu, K * nt * l what the hell?”

Markonah: (shocked) “That means stick.”

The next day Mukiran played again with his new friends, all of a sudden,

Another child: (swearing) “M * m * k lu.”

Mukiran: (Increasingly astonished)

Many words that he had not understood. At home,

Mukiran: “Mom, bu, m * m * k what does that mean?”

Markonah: (Back rubbing chest) “That means plate.”

One day Mukiran was playing in front of the house, a pastor passing a stick, in front of the Mukiran stick the priest pack fell,

Mukiran: (With a spontaneous yell) “Watch out for the pastor, K ** nt * lnya fall!”

The priest: (Shocked and angry) “Where’s your mother, you have to be taught well!”

Mukiran: “I have a pastor, my mother was washing m * m * k!”

Mukiran’s mother was washing the dishes in the back, pastor pak even fainted immediately heard the answer Mukiran.

3. Funny Stories Madura Kok Sticks eaten

A mother was busy washing in the kitchen. Instead, wash in the kitchen. That is, usually it is next to the kitchen there is a bathroom, well that’s where he washed so. While he left his toddler alone in the room. His name is also a toddler, he was free to play in the room. He saw a long brownish object lying on the table. He took it and put it directly into his mouth. Because of the strange taste, it was not long after it was released. But still hold, maybe like the shape. Even if he keeps playing but no more noises.

His mother: (Glad to be made). “Well clever boy, left nyuci not crying and not noisy.” (In the heart).

After washing, the mother intends to feed.

Mother: “Son, here son. Eat first.”

(The child went directly to his mother).

Mother: “Aaa, aa.” (Trying to feed her child).

(The child is silent and refuses to open his mouth).

Mother: “Once again. Aaa, aa. ”

Try feeding her child. The child is silent. Will not open her mouth.

Mother: “Once again. Aaa, aa. ”

(The boy stays still, unable to open his mouth.)

Mother: (So confused made it) “Why son ya?” (Thinks).

Inquired had a search, saw his son holding Madura Sticks.

Mother: (startled). “Oh boy, son. Madura stick is eaten. ”

4. Funny Stick Stick: Right Now We’re on a Bus

A husband and wife and their 9 children are standing in line waiting for the city bus at the bus stop. A few moments later a blind man came & went in line behind him. When the bus arrived, it only fit for his wife and 9 children.

So the husband and the blind man had to walk. After a while, the husband gets irritated by the blind man’s tap that bumps the sidewalk,

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