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Recent posts this time to explore the story funny all-new. Please listen carefully and prepare extra energy to laugh half dead. The latest collection of funny stories is collected from various sources of cute short stories. Surely the funniest newest humorous story chosen has passed the standard test of minimum feeble and silly feasibility required by the government. Finally, enjoy the funny story gokil make ngakak below.

59 The Stunning New Funny Humor Stories Abis

1. Funny Story of the New Year’s Evil

Today is New Year and the judges are in a happy mood,

Judge: “You were charged for what accusation?”

Defendant: “Doing the New Year’s shopping is too early.”

Judge: “It’s not a violation, how early do you spend?”

Defendant: “Before the store opened Mr. Judge.”

Judge: “Then where is the Prosecutor’s fault?”

(Prosecutor gawked in disbelief).

2. Certia Cute Newlyweds and Criminals

One day a murderer who was sentenced to life imprisonment escaped. He then hid in the house of a newlywed couple. Without thinking he immediately tied the groom to the chair and the bride to bed. The groom could not do much when the prisoner grabbed his wife and kissed her. He was only able to approach his wife when the prisoner came out of the room.

Husband: “dear, I saw him kissing you, maybe he did that because he has not seen a woman for a long time. I ask you, do whatever he asks, even if he asks you to serve him. Do not make him angry remember that our lives depend on this. “(While looking at his wife for pity).

“He did not kiss me, he just whispered to me that he thought you were handsome and sexy, he also asked if we have a vaseline in the bathroom.”

3. Cute Story of the Newlywed Night First

It Tells about the newlyweds who are alone in the room. At that first midnight, suddenly

Wife: (Attacking) “Ouch, the pain is bang! How’s the first night story bang? ”

Husband: (Calming) “Do not cry sweetheart, then emak father heard they might not sleep again tu.”

Incidentally the in-laws room is just adjoining the bedroom of the bride.

Wife: (urged laughing) “Pain Bang.”

But because he could not bear the pain, his wife added strong moaning.

Husband: (Strong little voice) “Patience dear! Hold it, tomorrow just pull it. ”

Since the father’s in-laws have not been sleeping. She does indeed sound her daughter moaning, but she does not care, it’s usually her wedding night. But this time she’s lost patience, because her daughter is constantly moaning in pain. He wakes up, goes to the bridal room

Parent: (Kicked the door of the bridal chamber and yelled) “What’s going on? Do not understand me? My child could die if tomorrow you just pull it off! HAIR NOW! ”

(Surprised both bride and groom).

The bride: (blushing) “Abah, toothache, even if there’s a 24-hour Gigi clinic?”

4. Funny New Bridal Stories Holding Up the Turmoil

A couple of newlyweds are experiencing health problems. After careful examination, doctors concluded it was due to the frequency of having sex that was too high for them.

Doctor: “It’s better to temporarily restrict your sex activities, three times a week, to make it easier to remember, I suggest to have sex only on S, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.”

But the name of the newlyweds, the husband apparently not strong also resist the flare of his lust. So one night the husband approached his sleeping wife. Then he fondled his wife until he woke up. omg-baru-masuk-kerja-disuruh-buka-baju funny-homestay-3-kabupaten-lombok-utara-nusa-tenggara-bar.-83352.

Wife: “Iiih Mas gimana sih, kan’ve dibilangin same doctor, Mas inget guns what day is this?”

Husband: (Briefly) “Yeah know it’s Hari Sum’at.”

5. Funny Story New Year’s Resolution: Stop Smoking

Semar asks one of his friends who love Pesekma Petruk when Petruk is asking Semar for a cigarette.

Semar: “I thought you were making a new year’s resolution to quit smoking?”

Petruk: “I’m in the process of quitting. Right now I’m in the first stage. ”

Semar: “What is the first stage?”

Petruk: “I stopped buying cigarettes!”

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