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Recent posts this time to explore various short funny stories. Funny short stories here relate to short messages, short term, short essays, short reports, and shorts. Prepare extra energy to laugh half dead. This funny collection of short stories is collected from various sources of funny short story short stories that are really funny. Surely the funniest short humor story chosen has passed the standard test of minimum and minimum silly feasibility required by the government. Finally, enjoy the funny short stories that make lol and super gokil below.

8 Funny Short Story Ngakak Banget

1. Funny Story Short Term Memory

A man goes to see a doctor because he has a problem about his memory.

Man: “I have experienced many problems in remembering things that happened a few hours earlier, or on my short term memory.”

Doctor: “How long has this been going on?”

Man: “Confused look back at the doctor). “How long have you been?”

2. Short Cute Story: Strike Work

Worker: “I hear the employees are going on strike.”

Worker 2: “For what?”

Workers: “They ask for shorter hours.”

Worker 2: “That’s good and I also agree. I’ve always thought that 60 minutes is too long for an hour. ”

3. Funny Story Make Short Story

She asked the students to make a short essay. With Title: “When will I grow up and what will I do?”

Ateng: (Writing) “I will grow up as a policeman, help people catch bad people.”

“Your imagination is very good, but you tomorrow should pay more attention to Gareng, your best friend, he said after he grew up he would rob a bank.”

4. Funny Stories Short Hair Models

A newly returned wife from a hair salon,

Wife: (full of pride) “Honey, look at me, today I have cut hair with a short model in such a way. After coming home from the salon many people say I do not look like a grandmother anymore. ”

Husband: (Calmly) “They are not wrong, you are now very much like a grandfather.”

5. Funny Stories Looking for the Perfect Couple

Girls and a handsome young man after acquaintance, each other feels already worth it, then they also promised to continue the relationship. The girls are waiting for the handsome boy to call him further, but 10 days have passed. He did not intend to break this relationship, so he actively launched a short message.

Daughter: “When can we go to dinner together.”

Handsome young man: (Reply to his short message) “I am very busy now, another day!”

Daughter: “When would you not be busy?”

Handsome young man: (Reply) “I can not confirm the time, because every day is always busy.”

Daughter: (eagerly asks further) “What are you doing?”

Handsome young man: “I’m busy getting acquainted looking for the right girl.”

6. Funny Story Creating Short Report

About the exam of the subject of ethics, Faculty of Philosophy at one of the universities in the city of New York, USA. “If your house’s favorite dog has actually been in love with your mother, tell me what’s your impression? Develop your imagination freely, and write a short report of no less than two thousand words.

Reportedly after seeing this exam many students immediately get angry until someone thumped the table because unable to resist the emotions, even some students who cried. But among them it turns out that a student responded with a calm attitude: “Ouch, it’s a good thing my house just keeps a turtle! Hahaha. “He wrote on the exam paper.

7. Funny Stories Receive Short Messages From Fraudsters

Today I received a short message from a cheater, he told me to immediately transfer money to a bank account. Half an hour later,

I then reply to a short message to his address: “I have saved money Rp. 10 million in Bank Mandiri, hope you receive well. ”

Then I received a reply: “I have been pacing the bank three times, still not receiving your money. You are a fraud! ”

8. Funny Stories How to Spread Information With Short Times

In broadcast science courses.

Student: “Sir, how can we just quickly spread something to others?”

Professor: “We can do it over the phone.”

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