5 Album Cover The Contempt of God Most furor in World

5 Album Cover The Contempt of God Most furor in the World – Closing the album is usually used for CD sales marketing. Because the first impression is situated in attractive CD or CD cover image. However, the album cover is also often used to convey a particular message.

Well, apparently there are some bands that made the album cover, reap a lot of problems. Because the image on the cover of their album clearly blasphemous. Wah? curious, right? check list next album.

1. Game – JESUS ​​PIECE

The Game – JESUS ​​PIECE

L.A rapper Game is reaping a lot of controversy. As seen on the cover of the album, the picture shows God as a gangster. This album, devoted to God, only PIECE album name JESUS.

This makes the Roman Catholic Church condemned the record labels have Game. Finally, Interscope Records interesting album cover on the market, as well as replace the image of God with your photos Game.

2. Marilyn Manson – HOLLY WOOD

Marilyn Manson – HOLLY WOOD

Album with the full title HOLLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH) Marilyn Manson actually intended to criticize the American media censorship. However, the album cover is actually even attacked Christian communities.

“I think this offends Christians if I must say so. I believe in the story of Christ and enjoy the pictures dihadirkannya, but for different reasons. I have a different interpretation, this is more offensive than Antichrist Superstar, and absolutely embarrassing. I will encourage young people to convert to Christianity in my own way, how crazy.

The album eventually was protested by many. In fact, a pastor in Memphis was the demonstration did not eat until the album was pulled from the market.



CHRIST ILLUSION is the 9th album belonging to thrash metal band Slayer. This album is quite successful achievement of this metal band. Because, since it was released in 2006, the name Slayer could be in position 5 Billboard chart. In fact, it can get a Grammy. Which attracted the attention of the public, of course, is very controversial album cover.

This album depicts Lord Spooky standing among a sea of ​​blood. Larry Carol as the creator of the artwork also depicts God has no hands and only one eye.

Seeing that picture, Mumbai Catholic Secular Forum also filed a lawsuit. Until finally, in India this album was burned and destroyed. For a negative response is, label it eventually replaces Slayer album cover.

4. Slayer – God Hates Us All

Slayer – God Hates Us All

It was released inadvertently precisely on September 11, 2001. Previously, the album is titled SOUNDTRACK TO APOCLYPSE, which of course is the right to represent the terrible events of September 11 2001.Album also contain lyrics that criticize God and religion, therefore, cover this album depicts the Bible is full of scratches and blood, with Tulsan Slayer on it.

5. Aerosmith – NINTH LIFE

Aerosmith – NINTH LIFE

Since it was first released in 1997, in a single LIFE NINTH album entitled Rock in Hand The Billboard terminated immediately. In fact, this album gives 2 Grammy for Aerosmith.Namun, the album cover is causing the problem. This album is the original cover image of Lord Krishna which replaced the head with a cat’s head. Hindu God depicted dancing demon snake named Kaliya.

As a result, the image that offended many Hindus all over the world. Aerosmith himself admitted to not knowing the origin of the album artwork. However, the record label later apologized and replace the cover of this album.

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