5 Hot Artis Photo Techniques Most furor in Indonesia

crowded talking about one of the official engineering photos KPK, Abraham Samad with Puteri Indonesia 2014, Elvira Devinamira. But not only that Elvira is a photograph of the victim engineering. Some of our artists are also engineered for the sake of her picture.

Here are 5 photos Machine Hot Artis Most furor in Indonesia:

1. Ayu Ting Ting

Ayu Ting-Ting relaxed respond engineered nude photos of his face that had circulated some time ago. Address False ‘singer confirmed, the photo was not him. Ayu said, never do strange things to embarrass yourself or the family.

Plus, he was always accompanied by his mother on the move in the world of entertainment. See similar nude photos of herself, Ayu sarcastic prankster who made the photo. According to him, the nude photos spread bad edits.

2. Aida Saskia

Photo dangdut singer Aida Saskia along with famous preacher Zainuddin MZ had circulated. However, the photos have shown several media that turned out to be modified. Figure Aida Zainuddin who wear Hijab side by side with it, it turns out the original photo with other family Aida.

Aida addition there are mothers and fathers, but in-cropping because there is only Aida and Zainuddin, then given titlle Aida own photos with kiai. Circulation photo Aida engineering related to the recognition of some time ago if ever sexually harassed.

3. Nikita Willy

When I was dating with Diego Michiels, a sitcom actress Nikita Willy has been the victim of photo manipulation. The second photo on the bed clear and soft hug. Nikita evasive and denied the release of pictures of her and Diego. Despite claims had their pictures taken with Diego, but Nikita denies that intimate photo.

4. Kiyani

Pop diva Krisdayanti also become victims of engineering drawings with her husband Raul Lemos. Photo kiss scene between the artist Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos had a warm conversation. However, without clarifying Kiyani has signaled if the photo was not true. In fact, an entertainment site must show photo engineering techniques.

5. Manohara

Photo beautiful artist Manohara Odelia Pinot has reported a picture taken together with the governor on Sulawesi. discussed and lively picture circulating in cyberspace. In the photo, the star looks sexy Supergirl using a thin, white mini dress. Mano visible hair worn loose a rush of wind. Beside him sat a man with a mustache, his hair almost white. It is known that the man was the governor.

In the photo that circulated, Manohara looks like a tandem. However, Manohara evasive and engineering called a photo. According to him, in the photos of some of the parties also mention that in the last photo Fajriana Daisy’s mother and his assistant Reggie, located next door. In addition, there are also other officials.

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