5 People who previously Vice Sexiest Models in Indonesia

5 People who previously Vice Sexiest Models in Indonesia – Beautiful face, beautiful stature plus a touch of academic and social sensitivity, models and artists have strolled into the political arena of the country.

Armed with the popularity and connection, the model easily get an offer to join a particular political party.

The experience became famous as a guarantee of the public will choose them as representatives of the people, which certainly contributes to the popularity and victory party.

Success seats as representatives of the people, will be the model and the artist has managed to maintain its position in this year’s election?

Here are 5 Representative Previous Model Sexiest Indonesia:
1. Okky Asokawati

Okky Asokawati

The fifth child of six children pairs Assistant Commissioner of Police A. Soetarjiah Tanuamijaya and this became known to the public since his name was mentioned as the best evening dress Princess Girl Magazine in 1978.

His name went up as a famous fashion designer Iwan Tirta Okky make the grade as a model in a fashion show. He is more known to the public when he used the cover of teen magazines and women.

Women born in Jakarta, March 6, 1961 is considered to have more value in the world press. He served as managing editor of Sarinah (1992-1994) and Matra (1990-1994). Activities involved in the press make Okky later published a book in 2005 titled “Do Glancing Back”.

Modeling world, advertising, acting, presenting, and was the author apparently did not make Okky satisfied and proud of ourselves. He wanted to go into politics. In 2009, Okky run for the House of Representatives of the United Development Party.

In October 2009, Okky elected as a member of Commission IX of the United Development Party. Okky claimed to be working in the world of politics is considered late. According to her, women must begin to recognize the politics early on.

Now, Okky not only active as a member of Commission IX of health and labor, the mother of Taniva and Queentadira too often accept the invitation as a guest speaker at seminars and juries in several modeling competitions.
2. Nurul Arifin Qomaril

Nurul Arifin Qomaril

Artists born in Bandung, July 18, 1966 have not seen yet a lot of women are represented in parliament. It is thought to be the basis of a policy generated by parliament only a few that accommodate women’s interests. Among those few, a smaller number of policies that support women.

Nurul explains, statistics that the number of women is 51 per cent are not reflected in the composition of the sexes in the parliament. In addition, compared with election statistics show that 57 percent of the voters were women.

Nurul confirmed that at the level of decision-making, women should have access to adequate facilities, to produce something that facilitates women carry out their duties as “educator” as well as possible.

“With the inclusion of me to the world of politics, can be seen as a form of devotion to the country and the nation. Since I entered with idealism to fight for women’s rights, particularly in education and health for women and children, as well as the elimination of violence against women, “Nurul said in its official website.

Since its launch CETRO Database (Center for Electoral Reform), ratings agency political issues and elections, April 21, 2003, choosing Nurul as one of the women was considered a potential candidate for the Legislature, many political parties who offer to join. One is Golkar. Nurul political will ultimately anchored in the party bearing the banyan tree and member of Commission II.
3. Venna Melinda

Venna Melinda

Former Miss Indonesia who was born in Surabaya, East Java on July 20, 1972 This is a model and actress who is now a politician. Venna began his career in the entertainment realm became one of the actors in the film Si Boy Note II.

Venna’s career continued to follow the event Abang None Jakarta in 1993 and became Miss Indonesia in 1994. After becoming Miss Indonesia 1994, continued to rise Venna career in acting by starring in several soap operas.

Not enough to explore the world of soap operas, also launched a book entitled Venna Venna Melinda Guide To Living Well. The book chronicles his decision to take on life as lived today.

In 2009 Venna penetrated the world of politics and managed to become a member of Parliament from the Democratic Party. Venna political career more manta

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