6 Artists idol Drugs Most furor Caught In Indonesia


Artists idol Drugs Most furor Caught In Indonesia – the world of entertainment jolted when an artist photo Roger Danuarta overdose in his car spread on social networks. Have reportedly died due to consumption of drugs, heroin, is Roger survived and through the police Pulogadung, East Jakarta.
Pretty face and famous make-Roger idolized many women, it is no wonder if the beautiful artist Shandy Aulia and Sheila Marcia never knit affair with Roger. During this time, Roger almost never reported to be involved in drug cases. Only romance and career-related gossip that surrounds the child of a famous hair stylist Johnny Danuarta.

Long time no hear, Roger was found unconscious with a syringe containing the drug were still lodged in his hand in Jalan Kayu Putih Central, Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

Here are 6 Idol Artist Caught Drug Most furor in Indonesia:
1. Raffi Ahmad party drug

handsome artist Raffi Ahmad never deal with drugs was revealed when officers from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) raided the house of Raffi in Lebak Bulus, early last year. When raided BNN presenter Strikes RCTI program is not alone, vagrancy officer PAN politician Wanda Hamidah, Irwansyah-Saskia Sungkar and some other artist friends to the office of BNN, Cawang, East Jakarta.

Finally, the officer took off Raffi friend for examination results proved not using drugs. While Raffi and five of his friends had to account for his actions. Raffi undergoing drug rehabilitation in the Lido area, West Java.

Almost all fans Raffi calls on authorities to release the idols. After completion of the renovation, Raffi kapok and promised to stay away from illicit goods.

“If Raffi no change, I’m happy, but do not be temporary. We do not know, sometimes people (unchanged since) out of trouble, no tar her back, I do not,” said Raffi friend, Olga Saputra.
2. Sammy Simorangkir

When they joined the band Kerispatih, love songs sung by Sammy Simorangkir create a ‘melt’ women. No wonder the beautiful woman like Nania Idol, as well as a model Nathalia Andrea Dian and fell into his arms.

But the golden age faded with Sammy diciduknya by police over drug cases. Sammy midfielder from dorm rooms Pedurenan Palm Setiabudi area, Central Jakarta. Police found a package of methamphetamine and suction devices. Sammy was taken to the police station in Central Jakarta and from the results of urine tests, Sammy positive for drugs.

Not only face legal cases, Sammy must be willing fired from Kerispatih. Fans, especially women do not when Sammy removed from Kerispatih. After serving a prison sentence, Sammy is a solo career with the title song ‘Medium What and Where’. Thanks to that song, Sammy won the award for Male Solo Singer terdahsyat 2012 years ago.
3. Revaldo

Fifaldi Surya Permana called Revaldo is one of the artist and teen idol models that fall into the valley of the drug. Revaldo name became famous when the role of being a ‘Bono’ in the film 30 Days for Love.

Revaldo familiar with the drug came to light when he and his friend were caught partying drugs on April 10, 2006. Finally, on August 30, 2006, the judge sentenced him to jail for two years following a fine of Rp 1 million subsidiary of one month confinement to be proved without the right to have any kind of psychotropic shabu.

After languishing in jail for over a year, Aldo finally enjoy the free air on September 7, 2007. Aldo out of jail not because of remission, but in accordance with the law, that he was conditional on good behavior during their detention. Date July 21, 2010, Revaldo re-arrested in the case of 50 grams of methamphetamine.
4. Bjah ex-The Fly

The song titled Fly performed by Bjah when they joined the musical group The Fly jolting Indonesia. The Fly cash vocalist who became a new idol teen music lovers Indonesia.

Bjah personal life did not escape from the problem. Bjah was knitting in love with Sukma Ayu, but that relationship did not last long after Sukma Ayu fell ill and eventually died, 2004. Bjah later married a woman named Trindah Herlina, but housekeeping Big Dipper lasted less than one year. Soon, Bjah Husnah Nina married in 2006, the relationship has foundered in 2007.

Mid-2013, Bjah arrested for involvement in drug cases. National Narcotics Agency (BNN) pass Bjah rehabilitation petition. “I apologize to the families who have been let down. We’re sorry, but it is so, yes,” said Bjah in Building National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Cawang, East Jakarta, Friday (12/7).


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