Family Never Know Ridho Rhoma Close to Drugs

Jakarta Post Jakarta Police arrested in the West, until today pedangdut Ridho Rhoma still undergo this type of drug-related property of shabu weighing 0.7 grams. Saturday (03/25/2017) morning, son of the King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama was arrested at a hotel in West Jakarta. Through the results of urine tests, Ridho Rhoma positive for a banned substance and was formally named as a suspect.

The family, in this case Debby Veramasari as the sister of Ridho Irama came to give moral support to Ridho languishing in West Jakarta Police. “Anyone would be surprised, but this must be addressed and confronted with well so yes definitely family support for mas Ridho,” said Debby Veramasari Ridho at the police station after visiting West Jakarta, Sunday (03/26/2017).

Using drugs, said Debby, family even ignorant or suspicious behavior during this Ridho. Because, Ridho known for diligent worship and have a good education.

“Good Good writing, he solatnya diligent, but he grew so not a baby boy who we have watched 24 hours. He’s got a life of its own, has associated itself, most of his career and his school was nice, worship is also good. Maybe road once stump it is important to improve, “said Debby.

Regarding the legal status of suspects Ridho now, the family is given the best hope for the future. “Yes, the family wanted the best yes, incidentally papa (Rhoma Irama) also recently signed a partnership with BNN to eradicate drugs, so mas Ridho is one of the victims of keganansan these drugs, yes more motivated to continue the war on drugs,” he explained ,

As reported earlier, Ridho Rhoma arrested for drug possession type of shabu weighing 0.7 grams in a hotel in West Jakarta, Saturday (25/03/2017) morning, son of the King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama has been declared as a suspect.

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