Many are going Divorce, This 8 Candidate Widows 2017

The year 2017 is still running for 4 months but already many nih lawsuit listed in the Religious Court.
In the row of artists there are 8 famous names that in fact have not been able to maintain the relationship of his marriage.
Some artists choose to divorce peacefully but some are also filled with drama.
Here is 8 hot widow candidates in 2017.
1. Evelyn

Evelyn seems to be widow after 9 months of marriage with comedian Aming.
Evelyn herself was still in a position to defend the marriage but her own Aming already really wanted to split up.
2. Princess Aisyah Aminah

Another case with Princess Aisyah, mother of three children is to divorce with her husband Ustaz Al Habsyi because diselingkuhin.
After a year of knowing her husband’s own infidelity through hp, Princess Aisyah finally kekeuh want to split up. Her second divorce story is full of drama.

No wind no rain, Tania Nadira finally chose to sue her husband divorce Tommy Kurniawan.
The mother of two children said the two agreed to part ways because of differences in personality.
4. Tiwi Ex ‘T2’

After 3 years as husband and wife, Tiwi finally filed for divorce lawsuit of her Japanese husband, Shogo Sakuramoto.
Tiwi herself said that it is the cultural difference that causes the rift of both households.
5. Tsania Marwa

Often considered a romantic partner, Tsania Marwa eventually sued her husband’s divorce Atalarik Syach.
She claims to be tired of her husband’s behavior so she chooses to divorce.
6. Chika Waode

Chika Waode’s divorce lawsuit over her husband is apparently charged with the mode of infidelity.
This is because he and Ibn Jamil, his opponent in the sitcom OkJek coincidentally both split up at almost the same time.
7. Kirana Larasati

Kirana Larasati herself recently admitted to going to the Religious Courts to consult her family crack problem.
Accompanied by his mother, Kirana Larasati chose to be silent to the media about her household.
8. Elly Sugigi

Beginning by removing the husband’s post on the Instagram page, Elly Sugigi finally decided to sue for divorce her husband who is 20 years younger than him.
Her marriage this time was the third failure she had to face.

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