10 Mystery of the World That Still Not Revealed

Although science, technology, and various research continues to grow, there are still many mysteries in the world that can not be solved simply. Although we continue to want to be a logical explanation of the mysterious events, many of which are still only speculation.

Here are the 10 Mysteries of the World That Still Not Revealed:

10. Doppelganger

Too often appears as a work of fiction and no doubt has an interesting story. However, it turns out Doppelganger story not only in fiction, but also mentioned real occur several historical figures such as Johann Wolfgang, Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln, and many others.

For example Abraham Lincoln was sitting in his chair and when he looked into the mirror, he was surprised to see himself in the mirror has two faces, shadows pale and haunted. Turns doppelganger hinted that he would be re-elected as President of the US but it will not live long after that and it proved to be true.

Doppelganger itself is believed to be the figure of a “twin” of the person who is said to be a bad sign, especially if the original meeting with the doppelganger. No one knows the extent to which the authenticity of the Doppelganger story but they are one of the mysteries of the world that is still unsolved. Uniquely is when viewed again, the stories of famous Doppelganger will only occur in antiquity and increasingly rare nowadays.

9. Stonehenge

A giant rock formations berlokasikan in Salisbury, England, UK, and this is one of the mysteries of the world that still has not been revealed which continues to attract tourists from around the world. There are various reasons why this is so mysterious stone monuments, among them about how he made and especially again for what?

How can? Stones to build Stonehenge weigh up to 4 tons and another rock awesome compiled from various locations in west Wales, which is a distance of about 225 km from the location of Stonehenge itself. As an illustration of the distance from Jakarta to Bandung itself is only about 150 km. Especially knowing Stonehenge as we know it has been around since 4000-5000 years ago, so how utensils were very limited at that time they built this giant rock formations?

Apart from the question of how Stonehenge was built, the more mysterious it is for what it was made of stone monuments. Since the beginning, no one knows for sure to what Stonehenge was built and speculation continued to swirl purpose. Starting from the most logical reason for the sacred altar, funerals, calendar ancient times, these myths is the place where the aliens and so on. Whatever it until now no one can prove clearly the main purpose of Stonehenge for?

8. Mass Extinction

Extinction continues today. Sometimes the cause is the mass began to clear for hunting, competition between species, to change the atmosphere. However, sometimes the cause is not clear, as for example is a meteor impact or volcanic eruptions say is the extinction of the dinosaurs. The question is why some species are extinct there until the roots but some can survive even today is like ancient fish Coelacanth example.

While the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, what we refer to as crocodiles or turtles have been around in those days. But they mysteriously survived until now while dinosaurs are predators strongest in those days could not even survive. Various researchers have tried to explain the theory behind it, but some others do not believe and think this is one of the mysteries of the world that is still unsolved.

7. WOW! signal

On August 15, 1977, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman volunteers as a researcher at the University of Ohio to get a radio signal that we now know as “Wow! Signal.” Signal that he gained while working on their project called SETI is a project to study extraterrestrial life. In those days, the information signal as it is sent to the IBM mainframe computer, printed on special paper, and checked manually.

As he was checking the code is accepted, Ehman get a code sequence berkatakan “6EQUJ5.” He then took out a pen and interpret the code and get the word “Wow!” Long story short after investigation, known source of the signal coming from the nearest star, aka Sagittarius konstellasi not of this earth

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