5 Legend of the Lost Treasures

treasure Qorun In addition, there are some historical records that are now becoming a legend about a lost treasure and not or has not been found until now.

Here are 5 Legend Lost Treasures:

1. Pharaoh’s Treasure

When Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1922, he was fascinated by the splendor of artifacts and treasure taken by the young king to the afterlife. Attached to the burial chamber there are so many jewels and other artifacts that it took ten years to catalog clicking. However, when the burial chamber of the pharaoh unearthed another, at the end of the 19th century, their treasure room nearly empty. It is common knowledge that the tomb thieves have for centuries been looted tomb of a pharaoh, but the scale of the theft required to clean the tombs of the kings beyond the ability of criminals.

So, where the great wealth of the pharaohs buried in the Valley of the Kings? Some experts believe that such property is used by the priests who conduct a funeral back in the Valley of the Kings in the period from late 20th and early 21st dynasty of Egypt (425-343 BC). Next Pharaoh did not refuse to take back the grandeur of the funeral of their ancestors, so this may have been done by a formal law. one of the pharaohs, Herihor, has been the focus of special attention. Herihor is a high court official during the reign of Ramses XI.

After his death Ramses, Herihor usurped the throne, dividing the empire by law, Piankh. Herihor put him in charge of all the burials in the Valley of the Kings, which gave him plenty of opportunity to steal a large scale. His tomb has never been found. If later the tomb was discovered, many experts believe that the lost treasure of many Egyptian pharaohs were stored there and so many treasures, it is believed that the sparkle will be as bright as day.

2. Amber Lounge

Described as the eighth wonder of the world by people who saw it. Amber Lounge is a lost treasure and the most unique in history. It is 11 square feet of space consisting of large wall panels decorated with several tons of amber incredible designed, large-eyed gold leaf mirrors, and four magnificent Florentine mosaics. Arranged in three tiers, the space occupied by the amber jewelery gems, and stored in glass as one of the most valuable collections of Prussian and Russian artwork ever created.

Created by Prussian King Friedrich and given to Russian czar Peter the Great in 1716, is located in the Catherine Palace, near St. Petersburg. Today, Amber Lounge is worth more than $ 142 million. When Adolf Hitler invaded Russia, guard Amber Lounge panic. They tried to move, but the amber began to crumble, so they tried to cover it with wallpaper. They were unsuccessful and when the Nazis stormed Leningrad (formerly called St. Petersburg) in October 1941, they moved to a castle or palace Königsberg for several years until the war ended.

However, when Königsberg was recaptured in April 1945, the famous treasure that can not be found. Amber Lounge was never seen again. Do Soviets unwittingly destroy their own treasure with bombs? What is hidden in an underground bunker now go out of town? Or destroyed when Königsberg Castle burned shortly after the city surrendered? We will probably never know for sure. But fortunately for lovers of opulence, the Amber room has been painstakingly recreated and is on display in Catherine Palace.

3. Assets Confiscated Blackberard

The famous pirate Blackbeard only spent about two years (1716-1718) plundering the high seas. Within that time, however, he has to collect the spoils very much. While Spain was busy getting all the gold and silver they took from Mexico and South America, Blackbeard and his friends waited patiently, then plundered Spanish ships laden with gold and other valuables, as they sailed back to Spain.

Blackbeard developed a fearsome reputation as a pirate cruel and vicious. reign of terror centered around the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America, with headquarters in the Bahamas and North Carolina. finally in November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard came storming pirate and cut off his head and hung it on the tip of the boat like a trophy creepy. But what happens to the assets that very much has been collected Blackbeard?

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