5 Unsolved Mysteries That Will Make You Goosebumps

It’s like peeling all the mysteries of the world will never satisfy our curiosity. Most people must think that all mysteries sooner or later will surely be solved, but not always true.

For example, the seven cases below that can not be revealed for decades. No matter how many experts interfere in this case, still until now these seven things are still a mystery.

1. Wedge of Aiud

Wedge of Aiud or Pasak Aiud is one of the things that remains the mystery of many unidentified artifacts. The alumunium sticks were found in Aiud, Romania in the mid-1970s. The details of the artifacts are difficult to note, but the aluminum weighing about three kilograms was discovered as a construction project was underway.

The thing that makes this strange one artifact is its age which claimed more than 11 thousand years. In fact, aluminum has not been found until 1808 and has not been produced until 1885. Many believe that the peg is evidence that aliens have visited the earth because if thought logically there is no human being capable of making such objects in his day.

2. The Babushka Lady

Babushka Lady is a nickname given to a woman who could be an important witness in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The name is given because the woman is seen wearing a headscarf that is similar to that used by seniors in Russia. In Russian, babushka means “grandmother” or “old woman”. Babushka Lady is seen standing on the grass between Elm Street and the main street while holding the camera.

Moments after the shooting, he was seen joining the crowd and climbing up a small grassy hill nearby. Last seen when he was walking eastwards road Elm. And since then, the mysterious woman and the photographs she may have taken have never appeared to the public.

3. Cicada3301

Starting from 2012, every January there will be a strange thing to appear. A puzzle game is uploaded online by a group of people who call themselves “3301”, their symbol is a cicada or moth. Complicated puzzles will be depicted on cryptographic elements, math, literature, secret messages and philosophy. Physical clues appear in different places like Poland, Hawaii, Spain, Australia and Korea. 3301 claimed that the puzzle was issued to recruit “intelligent individuals”. They did not say why they brought out the puzzle.

Many believe that the almost unbreakable puzzle is a recruitment bridge for organizations like the CIA or MI6. And did you know that 3301 just issued a new puzzle in January?

4. The Dighton Rock

Dighton Rock is a rock weighing 40 tons located on the banks of the Taunton river in Massachusetts and filled with petroglyphic carving puzzles. For nearly 300 years, many people have speculated on the origin of this rock and the meaning of the petroglyphs. The investigators also tried to break the strange code since the British colinials came and found the stone in 1680, but they never found a way out. In 1963, the local government removed the stone and stored it. Many think that the carving on the rock is Native American.

5. The Green Children of Woolpit

There were two small children who appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England in the 12th century. Apart from siblings who seem to have green skin, they look normal like any other child. They speak in unknown language and refuse to eat anything other than peas. After they learned English, they revealed that they both came from “Land of St. Martin”. The place is a dark place because not much sunlight into the area.

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