7 Features People Have Sense Into 6

As the most perfect creature we as human beings God is champion since birth because we are the only cells that managed to be the perfect shape of millions of cells, although sometimes there (sorry) was born in a state agency that is not perfect or complete, but never see them with the eyes because behind its shortcomings should be no advantage to him, that we may not know about. Similarly, in terms of the supernatural, of the many people who roam this earth there must be people who have a sense of 6 or capacity beyond the limits of reasonableness even you may be one of them.

Here are 7 Features People Have Sense Into 6:

1. Ever had a dream come true, the dream of our vision of the future that has not happened, the sixth sense we might lose with passion, can only warn us through the brain and realize the warning through dreams.

2. Sensing something near you in the time you can be alone, it could be the time that you are not alone, in fact there are other creatures that may be more than one, to be near you, they really want to talk greetings to you, but most of they really tinker with your feelings until you finish the creeps, now creeping actually a form of natural protection you through the aura that repels guests are not invited in advance, your courage, the stronger your aura are more likely to drive them, and the sense of the creeps before lost.

3. In certain circumstances we feel there is someone / something is watching us, but having not seen anyone. For the second time we are also convinced that in fact you are actually noticed by something, perhaps a relative who has passed away, our neighbor from another world, or tourists who stop near you. Can also evil magic that was sent to you and others.

4. Deja vu is a feeling confident that you have experienced or saw the real situation you have just experienced. You feel as though these events have occurred or repetitive. This experience is usually accompanied by a sense of the familiar, spooky or weird. Deja vu is usually associated with dreams, but sometimes there is a possibility that it actually happened in the past .. psychology say deja vu is part of a supernatural vision of the leak, which should not come out … but was forced out by a person’s innate power and forming a feeling that is not familiar to us, but we have experienced before, these feelings come from our own eyes, the actual anniversary of the arrival of that day (when deja vu we feel) have been arrested by the sixth sense, the sense of actually trying to inform us but failed, so when we actually experience it, the sense of sight very excited until we find it to be an accident twice. Kesimpulanya, deja vu means free will to determine pilihanya sixth sense, he will not be controlled by the laws of nature, and he was waiting for the owner to train and veil to free her from slavery.

5. When we pay attention to something without blinking, we will catch the light that surrounds the object, but once observed back, the light was gone. Know that the light that surrounds the solid objects in your view is the aura / prana that surrounds it, you can ask an expert or a seasoned expert aura of meditation.

6. When first we meet someone we feel this lack favorites / game, even though we do not know him. This is because the alarm is not visible from the sixth sense, the aura that we have to unite with the aura of people who met with us, at the time of the unification of auras, if we can see, there will be interaction, when we had a match, then the aura color will be changed and united that warm and cozy impression ……. as very friendly, and if otherwise, there will be repelling magnetic field accordingly until we feel hot and uncomfortable, so if you feel like people we do not even know, it could be ascertained the people feel anyway, it could be considered us to find business partners or spouses.

7. Never a glimpse, so real, but after knowing it, it turns out there was nothing around us. Not an optical illusion or eye disorder that causes the body position to see the layout, but it was indeed a glimpse of our neighbors while, if you are one of the owners of the sixth sense, you fit

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