7 Jalan In Indonesia the Most Accidents Due Invisibility

Accidents often happen lately very surprised us because it was a terrible event occurs, but the safety instructions that have been warned and put on the road. It is often a reversal that the accident disebebkan by magic. The road which road accidents are common in Indonesia is believed to have a mystical element?

Here are 7 Jalan In Indonesia the Most Accidents Due to the Occult:

1. Line Cipularang

Cipularang highway is also often called the road of death is the most frequent accidents in Indonesia because of frequent accidents that occur here and resulted in fatalities. This toll road connecting Jakarta and Bandung. Different from most other toll roads, toll roads Cipularang not straight stretches, but the roads are winding adjust to the mountains on the way.

It is said that the mountainous area traversed by the toll road Cipularang before breeding puts supernatural beings so very strong mystical element. accident-prone areas is between km 90 to km 100. Throughout km, we can see the statue’s head and ape tiger designation is still a mystery. Perhaps you still remember the wife of Jamil Saipul accident in 2011 and which claimed his life right alongside km.

2. Line jagorawi

One of Indonesia’s oldest toll road with a length of 46 kilometers are highways jagorawi. This road was built in 1973 to connect the city of Jakarta, Bogor and Ciawi. The lighting is still lacking at some point and that the rate of vehicles that exceed the speed limit is considered as the main cause of frequent accidents on this highway. On the highway also Dul, the youngest child of the couple involved Maia Ahmad Dhani Estianty deadly accident that killed six people.

3. Road Pantura

Pantura road, veins in the Java linking three provinces in Java, West Java, Central Java and East Java. The road runs along the north of the island of Java. But behind this very important function, Jalan Pantura appeared to have black area and is often dubbed the skull due to track frequent deadly accidents that occur at this time. Again spirits considered as a cause of accidents involving them. Among others, the victims discovered the curious spirits Pantura also be the cause.

4. Jalan Sudirman, Ciamis

The main road also connects the provinces of West Java and Central Java, so the road is always crowded by vehicles. The road in question is Main Street in Ciamis. In this way accidents quite often, the causes ranging from logical reasons such as road downhill until reason mystical ghost red-clad women waiting on the road.

5. Line Prince Rock, Sumedang

Prince Rock Trails will be encountered on the way from Bandung to Sumedang. This area is a hilly area and frequent landslides. As the name implies, along this road there are many rocks. accidents often result in victims of this pathway is called one of the most haunted lanes in West Java.

Most local people believe the ghost is a beautiful woman who can make a motorcyclist crashed into a ravine and died. In addition to accidents, in this area too often sadistic murders, often the bodies were found in a pathetic condition.

6. Ramp Emen Bandung

frequent traffic accidents that claimed the lives of at Emen Ramp area seems to be quite a lot of people think that this area is haunted. So according to myth, you have to throw two cigarettes to the curb if you do not want to experience the spooky happenings while crossing this area. Some people who do not dispose of smoking experience strange things like vehicles that strike suddenly and saw the figure of a small child ghost sightings. Well, believe it or not.

7. Road Munjul, Garut

West Java also has road accidents are quite frequent in Jalan Munjul Garut. If averaged in a week could happen 3 accidents. Most people there said that the cause of the accident was an old electric substation considered intrusive road users. But some others say that the accident was caused by the presence of spirits disturbing.

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