Dreadful Findings About Cyanide Poison Allegedly Killing Mirna

Only with one sip of coffee alone, Wayan Mirna Salihin instantly weak helpless. His body collapsed to the floor, convulsions, foaming mouth, and then died. The case of women who died from drinking coffee is still a mystery. But it is suspected that the coffee he drinks contains a chemical called cyanide that has a devastating effect to kill humans.

Perhaps many of us do not yet know what cyanide is. What does cyanide look like and what effect does it have on humans who accidentally use it?

1. Cyanide is not a new poison. This is a deadly poison and has been used since thousands of years ago. This toxic material can work quickly and cause death within seconds.

2. Cyanide has diverse forms. From the start of cyanide solid, liquid, and gas are not visible and colorless.

3. Cyanide is a chemical that can be found anywhere. This material is also contained in cigarette smoke and synthetic material combustion products, such as plastics.

4. A number of researchers found more than 2,000 plant species can release cyanide. The content also varied. The plants include cassava, almonds, apricots, even apples.

However, this fact does not mean this food is dangerous yes. Because cyanide hazard for health also depends on the level and shape.

5. Cyanide has a characteristic smell that resembles bitter almonds. However, not all cyanides emit this odor. So to be more clear, cyanide detection needs to be done in the laboratory.

6. In the manufacturing industry, cyanide is often used to make paper, textiles, and plastics. In the form of gas, cyanide is used as an exterminator.

7. In small quantities, the use of cyanide in the body can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, weakness, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

8. If consumed in large quantities, cyanide can relieve awareness, seizures, lung injury, low blood pressure, slow heart rate and respiratory failure.

9. Upon entering the body, cyanide toxins inhibit the action of the cytochrome-x-oxidase enzyme located in the mitochondria. This enzyme serves to bind oxygen to meet the needs of cell respiration. Well, if the enzyme does not work well because it is inhibited by cyanide poison, the body cells will experience death.

10. In some cases of killing, cyanide poison is the most widely used.

This is because cyanide can trigger death within minutes. They directly attack the central organs in the body as important as the heart and brain.
11. Cyanide has also been used in conjunction with other chemicals, in the Iran and Iraq wars of 1980. This substance is used against the residents of the Kurdish town of Halabja in northern Iraq.

12. Hydrogen cyanide under the name Zyklon B has been widely used as a genocide agent by Germany in World War II.

13. Everyone is potentially exposed to cyanide. One of them you are often smoked or exposed to cigarette smoke.

High levels of cyanide are very harmful to health. So make sure you are more careful yes.

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