For those who have ever read the shahada sentence must know this

Terms acceptance speech of Allah ta’ala Lailahaillallah Sentence

1) Science of Negate Stupidity

Science is the complete instructions and guidance based on the proposition and the person who uttered the phrase Lailahaillallahu not deemed valid and accepted the words of Allah until he knew the meaning and the content and consequences of sentence Lailahaillallahu, it has God explained His word (which means):

So know, that sense there is no Ilah (god, God) but Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sins and for (sin) the believers, men And women. And Allah knows where you seek and where you live (Muhammad 19).

The meanings of the words Tawhid Lailahaillallahu as has been diterangkanoleh the scholars of the Muslims since the time of Companions radi anhum until our time is this: No one has the right to diibadahi except God, and everything that is worshiped besides Allah then worship to it is a falsehood that most Vanity and the most perverted heresy.

2) The belief that eliminates any doubt

then a must for someone who spoke the words Lailahaillallahu to believe in the truth of the meaning and any consequences of the phrase of unity with a strong faith and sturdiness that without the slightest hesitation, because the so-called faith is not said to be faith unless accompanied by knowledge Sure without the slightest doubt and prejudice.

His argument is the word of Allah ta’ala (which means): Those who believe are only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, then they do not hesitate and they struggle (jihad) with wealth and Their souls in the way of Allah. Those are the righteous (Al Hujurot 15)

So whoever believes in the truth of the meaning and the consequences of the phrase tauhid not with a strong faith, strong and firm, (As Shafaat 35-36) So whoever merely utters the phrase of monotheism but denies some of the consequences of monotheistic sentence because of arrogance or hasad or other causes then it is not useful what he speaks of God’s aspect at all. 4) Submission and Submission The next requirement of the sentence of Lailahaillallahu is the submission and submission of all the limbs to the sentence of monotheism by carrying out all forms of meaning and consequences arising from the sentence Lailahaillallah, Allah Ta’ala said (which means): and Whoever surrenders ) To Allah, while He is a doer of good (the one who keeps God), He surely has adhered to a solid rope. And only to Allah is the end of all affairs (Luqman 22). So whoever speaks the sentence of tawhid and knows its meaning but he is reluctant to submit and execute the rights and consequences of tauhid sentence by worshiping Allah and practicing Islamic Shari’a, and he is not practicing the Shari’a of Islam unless it is in accordance with his lust and Bring the benefits of the world to himself then the words of Lailahaillallah that he ucapakn not useful at least on the side of Allah ta’ala 5) Honesty that negates the sixth lie Requirement is when he pronounced the sentence Lailahaillallahu honestly from within his heart, what he said according to what is in His heart. Allah ta’ala says (which means): Alif laam miim. Does the man think that they are left (alone) saying: “We have believed,” and they are not tested again ?. And verily We have tested those before them, Verily, Allâh knows the righteous, and verily He knows those who lie (Al Ankabut 1-3) Therefore the sentence of monotheism uttered by the hypocrites is not beneficial to him A little before God someday, because their hearts belie the significance and consequences of the phrase of unity and the Hereafter later those who utter the phrase of unity with full of lies and hypocrisy will become residents crust hell innermost 6) Ikhlas Negating Shirk has become a necessity for anyone who would like to Lailahaillallahu to clean all charities Sholih and his intentions from various kinds of shit kesyirikan. Allah ta’ala says (which means): We actually sent you the book (Al Quran) with (bring) the truth. So worship Allah by purifying obedience to Him (Az Zummar 2) then anyone who partners with Allah with the other with one of every kind of worship that is the sentence that he ucapakan Lailahaillallahu not useful at all in the future of Allah in the Hereafter, Allah Ta’ala berfriman : Verily God does not forgive the sin of associating (something) with Him, and He forgives sins other than shirk for whom He will. Anyone who associate (others) with Allah, verily he has strayed far, far away (An-Nisaa 116) 7) Love on the meanings and consequences of the sentence Lailahaillallah A necessity for a Muslim to love sentence Monotheism and all sorts of consequences, loved ones Bertauhid, Namely those who practice and believe in the meaning and consequences of tauhid sentence and commit to the terms of Lailahaillallah. Allah ta’ala says (which means): and among men there are those who worship rivals other than Allah; They love him as they love God. As for those who believe Heavily love for God. (Al-Baqarah 165) Therefore, anyone who uttered the phrase Lailahaillallah but he hates and anger to the consequences of conviction that worship belongs only to Allah then he is not a Muslim. Allah ta’ala says (which means):

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