In addition to Mirna, It’s a Murder Case with Toxins that Ever Shook the World

The case of Wayan Mirna Salihin who died after drinking Vietnamese coffee in one of the malls in Jakarta is still busy discussed in various media. The reason he did die in unnatural conditions. Inside his coffee was contained cyanide chemicals are very deadly. Police also suspect there is an element of premeditated murder in the death of this Mirna.

The case of people dying of toxic chemicals is not the first time. Previously, similar cases also hit important people in the world. Here is a summary of 11 murders similar to the Mirna case.

1. Georgi Markov

Georgi Ivanov Markov is a Bulgarian writer and dissident. Markov died after he was poisoned by using Ricin. This compound is a poison derived from plant oil Ricinus communis aka distance kepyar. This compound is known to be very toxic because it can inhibit protein synthesis and can cause injury in the digestive tract. He was poisoned by a Bulgarian police agent who wanted his death.

2. Ibn Al Khattab

Ibn Al Khattab or known by the real name of Samir Saleh Abdullah Al Suwailem is a Muslim guerrilla fighter working with Chechen Mujahideen in Chechen war I and II. He was killed on March 20, 2002 after he got a letter with deadly poison. Some sources say that the letter may have been coated by a fast-acting nerve poison. The possibility of the compound is sarin or its derivatives.

3. Roman Tsepov

Roman Igorevich Tsepov is a businessman in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is also a confidant of Vladimir Putin while Putin is still advisor to Deputy Mayor of Saint Petersburg. Despite his closeness to Russian officials, Tsepov was involved in a number of criminal cases. He has also been arrested for storing illegal firearms, as well as engaging in extortion cases with a value of 70,000 US dollars.

In September 2004, Tsepov was found dead. One of his business associates is thought to be the culprit of Tsepov’s death. He died of being poisoned with radioactive material that is still unknown.

4. Alexander Litvinenko

Alexander Litvinenko is a former high-ranking official in the Russian intelligence organization, KGB. Litvinenko has an important profession as an agent to combat organized crime. In November 2006, Litvinenko was poisoned using a thallium that symbolized Ti chemistry.

Thallium has characteristics of water soluble, colorless, odorless. These chemicals also become one of the ingredients in rat poison.

5. Stepan Bandera

Stepan Bandera is a Ukrainian politician. He is also the leader of the nationalist movement in Ukraine. On October 15, 1959, Bandera suddenly became ill in Munich, Germany, and died shortly afterwards. After a medical examination, the cause of Bandera’s death is cyanide gas.

6. Theodore Romzha

Theodore Romzha was a bishop of the Catholic church of Ruthenia. In the era of World War II, he had to face the Soviet Red Army who controlled the church that ordered priests and bishops to be held and under the control of the Russian Orthodox Church. Because it was considered too intrusive, he was then injected with a curare poison from a liana plant by his enemy at the time.

7. Yuri Shchekochikhin

Yuri Petrovich Shchekochikhin is a Russian investigative journalist. He is also a liberal author and lawyer in the Duma parliament, which oversees executive, legislative and judicial performance. His profound enough profession made him surrounded by many enemies.

In July 2003, he died abruptly a few days before he left for the United States to meet an FBI investigator. His friend believes that 90 percent of Yuri is poisoned with thallium by people who do not like him.

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