Mate Coming from an Unexpected Direction

Jodoh is the unpredictable secret of God. Jodoh can come from anywhere. There are people who find a mate to the neighboring country, but he just came from a neighbor’s house. Some are looking for matchmates from college campus because they feel that someone as a student, but it turns out his soul mate is at the side of the house. That’s God’s secret. He had predestined His creatures in pairs. Like the story that I say the following.

Whenever a friend wants to get married, I always ask the same question. Why did you choose him as your husband / wife?
The answer is very diverse. From start to answer because God to worldly answer (saucy or tajir, ‘yes humane’ is’ he said).

But there is one very memorable answer in my heart. Until now I still remember every detail of the conversation. Answer one of the friends who just got married. The process of marriage is miraculous. They only met 2 months.

Then decide to get married. Wedding preparation is only done within a month. If he is a sovereign, I would not be surprised because this kind of marriage process is common. But he is not a sash, just like me. One thing is for sure, he’s the type of woman who is very careful in choosing a husband.

Trauma betrayed man makes him difficult to open up, but only once. Moreover, he includes a woman who strong worship. She’s not the kind of dating person either. When she told me she was getting married, I did not take her seriously. They both only know a month. But I pray, hopefully his words come true. I do not want to see her cry again.

A month later he came to see me. She mentioned the date of her marriage. And begged me to leave, to be able to accompany him during the wedding process. So many questions on my head … Original.

I want to know why he is so easy to accept the man. What’s up? Of course something special. Until he can decide to get married this soon. But unfortunately, I was busy at that time (pretentiously busy).

I can not help her prepare for the wedding. Several times he telephoned me to ask for opinions on several things. Several times I telfon him to inquire about the preparation of his marriage. That’s all. We are drowning in our own busyness.

I took time off from her H-2 marriage. During the leave I decided to stay at his house. At 11 o’clock, our H-1 was just chatting-only-together.

The hustle and bustle of the wedding ceremony tomorrow morning, really handcuff us. And the plan we want to talk about many things. Finally, we can also talk together. There are many things I want to ask. He also wanted to tell me a lot. Several times his mother knocked on the door, asked us to sleep.

“I can not sleep.” He looked at me with a pitiful face. I understand his current condition.

“The lamp is just done, let’s suppose we’re sleeping.”

“Yes .. yes.” He switched off the room’s neon lights and replaced them with the dimly lit room lights. We continue to chat while whispering. A thing we have not done for a long time. We talk a lot, about our past and our dreams. Her face was clearly visible in the dimness of the room. Bring out an aura of love that illuminates the room at that time. Until finally expelled also a question that I am pendam.

“Why did you choose him?” He smiled and got up from his sleep as he reached for the phone under my pillow. She opened the drawer of her dressing table. With the help of her HP LCD flicker scratched the sheet of paper inside.

Slowly she closed the drawer again and handed me an envelope. I received the HP from his hand. A long white envelope with a company letterhead where the prospective husband works. “What the hell …?” I looked at him unaware. Eeh, he even giggled.

“Open it.” A paper I pull out. Plain paper A4 size, I guess the color must be white hehehe. I read one sentence above the top of the list.

“Busyet dah nih orang.” I shook my head while holding back a smile. While he just giggles at my expression. I started reading it. And until now I still memorized with his words. Here’s the letter.


My wife candidate, mother of my children, my future mother and sister candidate for my younger siblings
In place

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

We are sorry if you are not pleased. But please read this letter untill the end. Only then please discarded or burned, but please, please read it to completion.

I, who called …… want you …… to be my wife. I am nobody. I am only human. I currently have a job at X company.

But I do not know if I’ll have a job anyway. But certainly I will try to have income to meet the needs of my wife and children later.

I am still a home contract. And I do not know if I’ll be going to get a lease. To be sure, I will always try to keep my wife and children are not hot and not rain.

I am just a human being, who has many weaknesses and little advantages. I want you to accompany me. To cover up my weakness and control my strengths. I am only human. My love is also ordinary.
Therefore, I want you to help me cultivate and care for this love, to be extraordinary.

I do not know if we’ll be together until we die. Because I do not know my match. To be sure I will try my best to be a husband and a good father. Why did I choose you? Until now I do not know why I chose you. I have prayed istiqaroh many times, and I am more steady choose you.

As I know, I choose you for God. And for sure, I married to perfect my religion, also the sunnah of the Prophet. I do not dare to promise anything, I just try my best to be better than now.

Please pray first istiqaroh before giving answer to me. I love at least 1 week, maximum 1 month. May Allah be pleased with the way we go. Amen

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb

I looked at the letter for a long time. Many times I read it. This is the first time I read such a beautiful letter of ‘application’. Simple, honest and realistic. Without the promises of rags and flowering words. A minimalist love letter, I call it: D.

I looked at my best friend. He looked at me with a stifled smile.
“Why did you choose him …?”
“Because he’s a human being.” He replied steadily. “He realizes that he is a human being, he still has a God who rules his life, which I know he will always try but he does not promise anything because he does not know what will happen to us in the future. Give my own comfort. ”


“The world is mortal.What we have today is not necessarily tomorrow is still there, right? I do not know that he will not be frustrated if someday we get rotten”.

“Shhh.” I covered her mouth. Worried someone knows if we have not slept. We are silent to ears. The screeching sound was loud outside the wall. We look at each other and giggle as we close our mouths.

“I’m sleeping, Tomorrow you’re mad, I’m angry with Mama.” We’re back down. But this eye can not be closed. Our conversation was still on my ears.

“Gik …”

“Sleeping in the night.” I answered without turning to him. I want her to sleep, so she looks beautiful in the morning. My sleepiness is gone already, I do not think I will sleep semaleman nih.

One more wedding lesson I got that day.
When man is conscious of his humanity. Realize that there is something else that regulates all his life. Likewise with a marriage. Matches have been scratched since the soul is blown in the womb. No one knows how and how long it will take.

Then making the process toward marriage is not a burden but a ‘business process’. How wonderful when the process toward marriage ignores the treasure, throne and ‘name’. The embedded self-embellished predicate is removed.

When everything ‘attached’ to self is not a major consideration. Marriage is only based on God alone. Intended for worship. Leaving totally to God who made the scenario. Then all becomes beautiful.

Only God is able to move the hearts of His servants. Only Allah is able to facilitate all matters. Only God can hasten a marriage.

We can only ask God’s blessings. Asking Him to bury in a marriage. Only Allah will keep the peace and stability to marry.

Then, what about love?

My mother once said, Love is a process.
The process of being there, being present, then growing, then taking care of it.

So that love can blossom beautifully overshadowing two people in a sacred marriage. Witing tresno jalaran garwo (sigaraning nyowo),
If translated freely. Love grows because of husband / wife (soul mate).

The most lawful and holy love. Love two ordinary people, who try to combine it into a great love. Amen.

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