The Forbidden Love Story of a Student with the Bupati and Pak Ustadz

I can not bear to hide this Forbidden story anymore! I have to make a calculation with the Regent’s pack! But what can I bring to prove it all? Children who can prove there has been a special relationship between us no .. We always do romantic moments, wrestle with lust, complete with contraception !!

Photographs Shur, videos Shur We are not at all that I Save. Then with what I will bring this problem, to prove to the audience if the honorable bupati, who has several times to hajj and so far known to be very polite and kind hearted it has done nista and vile? What I have only a heart, a naive love and now scattered like a paper that has been crushed by fire .. And if I force to sow the drums of war and hate, not even me myself that will reap vilify maki ???

God is not fair to me .. when I’m nervous, distracted by the thoughts that make me frustrated, I’m just reunited with another man who is also already owned by other women. Why is my fate always like this. For the umpteenth time I was burning fire ..

That’s the fate of me now. Although with the status of ‘leave’, but until now, I still listed as a final semester student at a private university in the city of S. I, let’s just call the US (not Afriani Susanty the death killer at Tugu Tani lho!) Is a selected tourist ambassador In the city after going through a fairly tight selection. After being a tourist ambassador a few years ago, I started to get to know Mr. Bupati. The figure of a grown man, handsome, handsome, polite, sympathetic, well … just perfect figure for me who from the age of five years has been abandoned by beloved father.

From the first I got to know her, I was immediately obsessed with her figure. And apparently the scoop was welcomed. Somehow initially, obviously, after several private meetings after performing duties as a tourism ambassador, I began to intimate with him. I do not even hesitate anymore, beresja-spoiled, even flirting with him. He is a remarkable figure. I am the first to know sex and style of lovemaking ala adult, even until really submission made. Likewise he, it seems he got something that he never got from his life partner. Passion, deep affection and love.

Until one day, so that we will not be deeper in the deeper sins, he married me siri in front of my brother. My mother, did not want to be present in that moment. Feelings of shame and disappointment made it impossible to sanction our relationship. But whatever power, love, feeling and body that the regent already possessed, made me have no choice but to surrender my soul and body to my favorite Bupati.

So I started with the new life. WIL, the mistress, Siri’s wife .. that’s it, I do not really care about it. Which is important to me hepi, happy with the life that I live. Moreover, Mr. Regent so spoil me. Not only expensive clothes, he also bought me homes and cars, even though only type 36 houses and secondhand cars. But that does not change my ‘flying’ feeling every time with him.

I live my days so special. Until one day, someone from the management of a PH who used to be my tour ambassador selection buddy told me that RN, the winner of the same event two years after me became the ‘new lover’ Mr. Bupati. I was burned jealous. Especially when you see with your own eyes, how mesyaya RN views on Mr. Regent in an event that brought together the alumni of tourism ambassadors. I was inflamed and barely able to control myself.

Fortunately I was finally able to control myself. I tried to be patient, and looked for the right time to confirm the news to the Regent. However, unusually, there are so many reasons for the regents to avoid me. Even the time we spend every weekend, even though there is none. The reason is because he and his ‘mother’ (meaning bu bupati) are having many activities. But I can not believe it. This is all because of the presence of RN beside it.

I was so tormented and miserable. In the middle of my gala, I got acquainted with the SM ustadz in cyberspace. Ustadz from B city that has been actively updating the status in FB and twitternya. I also began to drown with my own fun, online, status updates, chat to forget all the anger and pain in the chest. From there I initially got an increasingly echoing situation. Starting from the vent the problem that was wrapped around me, I finally got closer to the handsome young ustadz.

Really, actually there is no intention at all to be a special friend of SM ustadz .. all running, flowing as it is. Constant conversation, soothing sentences, can make me really ‘dependent’ on the spray of rokhaninya maknyesss in the heart. Maybe I’m too naïve or maybe GeEr, but the attention that Ustadz SM gave me really did feel very different. Although I never met directly, but I could feel how my heart shook violently as I stared at the oasis in his eyes. When I joked that I could not look at the picture of his face and said that thousands of girls will be tempted to see his picture .. at that moment he immediately replace the pictnya with illustrations and to delete all the photos that clarify his facial expression. Duh ..such. Is it wrong if I feel GeEr ?? Many, so many of our other stories that I can not possibly pursue one by one .. so attached, embedded in my heart …

I know, he already has a beautiful wife, looks smart and solehah (same as I judge SM ustadz from his picture). He also has 3 sons who are sweet, but what the power of my heart can not lie feelings that just emerge uncontrollable. In fact, the feeling was able to close the image of the bupati pack who originally hesitate can be lost from conscience.

Is this the sin of ustadz pack? I asked one time .. pak ustadz did not answer. He instead linked a link that turned out to be sourced from one of the CERMIN rubric articles on (from here I finally got to know on my fb wall. Not entirely answering my question is … but implicitly, I know when SM wants to say that what we (not me anymore) feels, is wrong. And we must end this story in the name of God. On behalf of wholeness and on behalf of the sanctity of the soul. I’m frustrated !!! Moreover, with all humility and apologies are very deep, the ustadz finally closed all his accounts on social networking. I never thought, the more helpless .. I’m tired, even I hate myself …

In the midst of this galauku, my old feelings arose again, my hatred of the Regent. There is a strong desire in the heart to avenge this hurt .. I want very much to reveal the disgrace that we had lived, as well as reveal a new romance story that now he lived with RN So he failed to be a regent for the next period. But as my dear ustadz once said, shooting people without ammunition is suicide .. Then what .. what can I make again with my chaotic life?

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