The real story of forbidden love ‘I love your husband so much’

Letters from readers, with respect to the dear reader, first I apologize before I was about to tell of my story.

In addition, I also thanked the media journalist, who has been willing to listen and write with what I have revealed.

Recommend me my name is Ana. Sorry in this article I just want to pour out my heart, not want to discredit or tell the ugliness of anyone’s behavior and by anyone, but this I need to do at least I can reduce the burden that is in my mind so far, that’s all.

My name is Ana and still Ana who used to be, a little telling early before wandering to Batam. Yes formerly my intention to Batam just want to pursue my dream and dream is to happy my parents, but until now, the goal was not answered.

All the intentions of my dream to please my parents, bland just after I was lost in the game of forbidden love with another man’s husband.

I am a small woman, people say parasku beautiful, but I think I feel normal, besides I also have a clean white color, so than that does not close the possibility, if the eyes of the man who looked at me will fall fascinated when I see.

But that’s what I love the most in my life, why all the men who are fascinated to see me it, are married men.

I come from Dabo Singkep, I was born there 18 years ago. Actually to my arrival to Batam it, aims to find a job in the hope to lighten the burden of parents in the village where during this family is a family that can not afford.

Even though I’m not thinking about them, I’m falling asleep in the forbidden love trap with a man’s husband, and I think that’s very much too.

My love Story

Sorry for my situation is still very sad, here I tell a little story of love that I experienced in these last days. My arrival to Batam, formerly I went with my long-time uncle in Batam, I had lived in his house, but not for long. Because I often live alone, consequently feel bored and lonely, I finally go and decided to look for boarding boarding elsewhere in the area around Nagoya.

In my solitude at the time, I tried to learn to be independent. But in the midst of trying to be self-reliant, not knowing what happened to me, I fell in love with a man I did not really know.

It was at the beginning of the introduction, by coincidence, I knew a man named Topic, when I had known him, somehow I felt the vibrations of the heart so strongly against him, but our introduction has not been so long. I felt that I had fallen in love with her.

Indeed we are not often together, but because he often passes in front of my board, I fell in love with him the article he often throw a smile at me. In fact I did not realize, if I also replied kissing it. While I was sitting at the door of my boardinghouse, without feeling either shy or embarrassed, he came up to me, and said that he wanted to be closer to me while saying that he too fell in love with me.

Upon hearing that, I became klepek-klepek and nodded to accept his love without thinking who he really is. Since then we have a relationship like two people who are in a lovelorn. During the two months of our romance running smoothly, but one day when I was with him, I saw suddenly HP he was shaking with sms in, it was the sms from his wife.

I did not believe it then. The heart is hot with a jet of burning fire. I also do not know if he’s married. I was surprised like a lightning strike in the daytime. I am sad, it turns out he already has a wife. At that moment, my heart felt pain so sore, my heart was broken, the pain like sliced.

How I am not destroyed, everything I have I have given him. When I read the contents of a short message from his wife, I am sad, but I still have to accept the fact that he has lied to me.

For a moment I realized, everything happens because I love her too, consequently I have forgotten all the dreams and goals of my life to make my parents happy. Despite what has happened I can only cry lamenting the tragic fate of my love fate. To calm me he repeatedly said he loved me so much.

When I asked if the sending the sms was his wife, he answered yes while bowing his head said. To me he promised to marry me. While saying his intentions he also hugged me tightly he said softly then “I love you dear, and I will marry you.

Whereas until now, his words were never proven. Although it is so, I do not seem to care and take a headache if Topik already have a wife, because I also love him very much. I’m confident and keep doing the forbidden relationship. But as a woman’s instinct, I realize it, I am guilty of trying to seize my husband and other women’s happiness.

Often I ask this in my heart, “Am I wrong to love him?” The questioning and guilt, always a whip in my heart, even I can not distinguish, where the logic and where the feelings. Indeed I admit, if it has been wrong, I have disturbed the integrity of other households, but I also will be tormented inward if you have to forget and release it.

We love each other and I can not lose it. Time passes, over time, our relationship finally snaps and has been known to his wife. We were caught when he and I were spending the night in my boarding house.

That night his wife immediately called me, I picked up the call, I nervously answered the call. Nevertheless, I was determined to dare to meet his wife my boyfriend. Did not wait long, Topik’s wife finally arrived kostku, in the meeting I declare to his wife if previously I already know that Topik, already have a wife.

Night I frankly say that loves her husband very much. I said I can not live without her husband. Heard my wife said then said to me “Okay if you do love my husband, I will divorce and ask for divorce to my husband.” He said my face looks sad.

But when the meeting, then Topik is not there with us again, he ran off somewhere to go where possible run from the window. Seeing her husband is not in my room anymore, his wife then left while banging the door of my room room.

After that embarrassing incident, I was speechless, I felt such an exaggerated fear. In spite of this, my love and affection to the Topic, has not diminished in the least. I knew it was very painful to me.

After my heart a little calm I reach Hp and try to contact my lover, but hpnya number is no longer active. Upon the incident, I was afraid that the Topics would not come back to me. I would be sad if it really happened. I can not imagine if Topics is not around anymore. Considering that it would happen, I suddenly cried, I kept remembering all the memories we had gone through together.

Honestly this is hard to forget. Old Topics no news, I will be like a stressful person, I’m not strong even I ever to try to commit suicide purpose so that I no longer feel heavy heavy unbearable. The more days, the more forced I had to search and meet with the Topics. I thought why I was like that.

Nalurilu also said that all this is beyond my logic. I thought why I loved him so much even I was willing to die of it. The taste was amazing. Even today I can not forget it. Though he has married have his own life and responsibility to support his household.

My God, what I have to do to keep this heart quiet can forget it. Guide me Lord. I realize it is a big sin if I keep trying to grab the happiness of his wife. As a woman, I also feel how his wife feels.

So also with me, I’m also not willing if my husband someday seized by others. To my esteemed reader, please advise me how I should live this life. Besides I have felt guilty about the matter, this little heart can not just forget it. Actually I want to forget it, but I can not. Every second of every time, where I stepped his face always swept away.

I do not know what to do, until this moment, I still remember him, said a friend suggested, I should be able to forget him, he said I was too early to love him, other than love him, he said I was 18 years old, too young to take Conclusions let alone about hearts and feelings.

The friend said again suggested, I’m still very fragile and has been affected with that is not necessarily the truth, especially the one I love is married. He said again, I should be able to take a stand and use logic, he said I was too young to say love to men let alone to men who already married.

I realized I was still unstable not able to distinguish what is good and what is bad, then that’s how it will be my fate. Now Topic has gone away some where, and already a few days we no longer communication. Even so, I still remember and miss him.

Though this yearning was heavy, I was determined to forget it soon. I also want to restore my temper as before to know her. I thought I was also willing to honey, but now I have to learn to forget it, forever.

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