5 The Comedian Polygamy

Polygamy is not forbidden by religion. But many men have to think again to do polygamy alias have more than one wife. Among celebrities, some names are known to have experienced the process, and most are comedians or comedians. Who are they? Reported from Liputan6, Saturday (16/08/2014), here are 5 comedians who do polygamy.

Since deciding polygamy, the personal life of a comedian named the Wildfire Delta is always in the spotlight. Polygamy made famous comedian good at imitating the sound of Zainuddin MZ’s famous da’i had a problem. Both his wife, Rohimah and Meggy Wulandari are less suitable and often problematic. Some time ago, the 40-year-old man was about to be sued for divorce his first wife. Even so with his second wife, Meggy, who had sued for divorce Kiwil.

Azis Stutter characteristic with his stuttering style is already known to do polygamy since the Opera Van Java show. Even so, he claimed to still try fair in the household. In practicing polygamy, his first wife was known as Nurhasanah. From marriage to first and second wife, Azis was blessed with three children.

Named original Sutarno, this magician has married his lover Sri Rahayu as a wife. Sri Rahayu himself was very young and professed as a flight attendant. Mr. Tarno was still a husband of a wife who was in Madura, with four children. Furthermore, Mr. Tarno’s marriage to Sri is Mr. Tarno’s fourth marriage.

The comedian who was a member of the House, Komar, had four wives. But the life of a household with 4 wives was not running as expected. Currently, Komar claims to have learned polygamy. “That’s my past. I’m not polygamy. I am now living sakinah, serene, “he said.

Another comedian who is known to have more than two wives is Parto. But whenever asked about the household, Parto always avoids. Parto married his first wife, Ida Murwani. From this marriage, he was blessed with three children. In 2001 the real name owner Eddy Soepono was married again to a newcomer artist, Dina Risty. From the second wife, Parto had a child.

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