5 unique Japanese dining culture

Japan is one country that has a variety of unique and interesting culture that makes many people follow the development of culture in this country. Meanwhile, in terms of eating only Japan has a wide variety of unique and interesting. Japan itself has rules in eating quite a lot and continue to do for generations by the people of Japan today.

For Japan’s own eating rules are rules were reasonable and customary, but for people outside Japan will sometimes assume the rules a little strange and unreasonable. All of these rules as written rules and all the Japanese people seriously adhere to seal documents and regulations in the food. Here are some rules are always eating on the run by Japanese citizens.

1.Salam before and after meals

In Japan each will eat and end up eating will be obliged to say hello. For before eating or going to eat you have to say the word “Itadakimasu”. Meanwhile, when you will end up eating it will be greeting reads “GOCHISO” or there are other words like “deshita!”.

Salam does have quite a positive purpose greet on what sustenance and prizes are awarded in the form of food. Meanwhile ucapakan greeting sentence is usually done if you pay a visit to the house in honor of the owner of the house.

2.Aturan eating noodles

In a kind of noodle eating food, also there are certain rules that must be followed and practiced. That rule is when you eat noodles noodles then you should be sipping hard to sound like sluurrpp. Things like this if in Indonesia sounded like a polite but in Japan it is even regarded as very polite and considered you enjoy noodle dishes. Even if you eat noodles without sound as in Indoneia just chewed and swallowed, then you would be considered rude for restaurant owners and would be offended.

3.Makan with chopsticks

Who is not familiar with chopsticks, chopsticks itself is two pieces of wood / metal used by Japan as cutlery. But do not haphazardly, there are few rules in eating with chopsticks. As forbidden to pass food with chopsticks and put the chopsticks over a bowl because it is still associated with death or commonly called Tsukitate-bashi.


In Japan, drinking alcoholic beverages is one of the things that endeared and compulsory for the majority of adults in the country. While some types of drinks berlakohol native Japan, Sake, special teas and others. But when you have a drink together, then you should make your drink a toast with friends while saying the phrase “Kampai !!” or commonly referred to cheers speech there berminum.

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