Couple of Successful Artists Marriage Although Terpaut 10 Years More

Normally married couples have age range up to five years. This refers to a mate that is mostly obtained from childhood friends, office friends, college friends or friends play. But this does not close the possibility of you get an older mate 10 years or more.

It does not matter because basically love does not know age. Like 10 artist pairs below.

1. Desta and Natasha Rizki

Do not need a long time dating, Desta officially marry Natasha Rizki in 2013. Their marriage seized much public attention because adrift of a considerable distance of age that is 16 years.

2. Atalarik Syach and Tsania Marwa

Atalarik Syah pesinetron married Tsania Marwa in 2012 which was then 18 years old. Although adrift of a distant age but this couple looks very intimate. Unfortunately, earlier this year the two are known to be involved in a strife in which Atalarik sues for divorce and limits the intensity of meeting Tsania with the children.

3. Mark Sungkar and Santi Asoka Mala

After a divorce with Fanny Bauty, Mark made a public splash by marrying Santi who is 45 years old. Even so, Mark and Santi stay intimate like a young couple. They often upload photos together in Instagramnya.

4. Ingrid Kansil and Syarief Hasan

The age difference that reached 27 years, did not make Ingrid retreat when proposed Syarief Hasan. They married in 1999 and remain harmonious until now. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Ziankha Amorrette Fatimah Syarief.

5. Gusti Randa and Nia Paramitha

Gusti and Nia married in 1997 with a gap of almost 13 years. From the marriage they are blessed with four children. The couple had divorced in 2006, but five years later they decided to reconcile in the interest of the child.

6. Wishnutama and Princess Gisa

This couple is proof of love can grow through the work environment. Wishnutama married Gista in 2015. At that time, they were 11 years away. Gista is mentioned as a good stepmother figure because of her proximity to the children of Wishnutama from two previous ex-wives.

7. Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty

Couples who always look happy and intimate is proof that love does not know the age. Ashanty received Anang who was 16 years older than him. From the marriage they are blessed with two children namely Arsy and Arsya.

8. Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Aldi Bragi

Status of widower who carried Aldi did not reduce love Ririn to him. Likewise with the age distance of 15 years is not a problem for them to get married. They got married in 2010 and still look harmonious until now.

9. Zaskia Adya Mecca and Hanung Bramantyo

Just like Ririn, Zaskia also did not question her husband’s current status Hanung who when married status as a widower. Even couples who are aged 12 years old this looks very compact both in the household and work.

10. Dude Harlino and Alyssa Soebandono

Without dating gembor courtship, surprisingly Dude decided to apply Alyssa who was then 11 years younger than him. A considerable age difference does not diminish their intention to marry. They finally married in 2014 and are now blessed with a son.

Basically age does not affect the fabric of one’s love. The most important is the commitment to build a good household ark with their children. hot-cara-mengusir-cicak-tanpa-alat

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