Inul scene photos and Ahok

More recently, a public uproar with Inul photo. The owner managed to shake ngebor posing with Ahok, was known to him as a candidate in local elections governor of Jakarta in 2017.

Inul also upload a portrait together with Ahok in personal social media accounts. The responses from netizens soon flood the comments column of photos uploaded Inul.

Aware of the post which raises the pros and cons, Inul not delete a post on Instagram along Ahok. In some portraits together Ahok, Inul looked quite red brocade, while Ahok wearing a gray shirt.

Meanwhile, in an occasion, Inul admitted reluctantly following in the footsteps of fellow celebrities in politics. Because women born in Pasuruan, January 21, 1979 said it had enough capital ‘as a politician.

Inul (Adrian Putra /
“No kepikiran to plunge into politics. I realize not afford, as everyone knows, I’m not smart politics. I am also not high school,” explains Inul

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