It’s very expensive Rupiah Appreciated

Following the publication of the new rupiah, many people flocking to go to the bank and exchange money. Some consider the new rupiah is very different, more colorful, and it looks like the dollar. But there is also less liked because of the money that seemed thin and unlike previous generations.

In addition, the current dollar past may now be extinct, are often sought after by collectors of antiques. The price offered for the amount of money was not kidding.

1. 100 Rupiah 1948

What happens in your mind when mendengan 100 paper money? Most people would immediately think about money red paper with a picture of a boat in front of him. But it is not money 100 rupees hounded by collectors Antic. 100 rupiah currency issued in 1948 was much sought after by collectors. Even the offered price can reach up to 100 million rupiah. If the money was still in a state of smooth, then the price will soar higher than the standard price. The money requested in addition to its antiquity, this money is also considered as a witness perjuangab nation that era.

2. 5000 Rupiah 1958

Although not as expensive pieces of money before, money is rewarded with a number of relatively expensive when compared to the number of fractions. 5000 rupiah banknotes issued in 1958 worth 10 million by collectors of antiques.

3. 500 Gulden

Perhaps many of us who do not know and never came to see a fraction of this money. This is reasonable because the money was used long before Indonesia’s independence. guilder fraction is used when the Dutch government controlled by the Indonesian occupiers. Gulden itself was originally used by the Dutch state, but because Indonesia is one of the Dutch colony of Indonesia also participated in the currency Gulden time period.

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Unlike the Gulden in his native country, guilders used in Indonesia named Gulden Indies and has elements typical of Indonesia as well as in each piece. 500 Gulden own money of 20 million rupiah appreciated by collectors on the antiquities market.

4. 1000 Gulden

In line with the previous, the money in 1000 guilders also money from the Dutch government when control of Indonesia. Money is considered very unique and was rewarded with a high enough price. Although it is not known exactly how many, but this money is estimated to be worth up to hundreds of millions of rupiah among antique collectors. They assess the figure of two dolls dressed in a currency that increases the uniqueness and raise prices.

Well if you still keep one of the money, it would not hurt to sell on the antiquities market. price is not a joke, you know

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