Sophisticated Robot From Indonesia Intelligent Dancing

Robot if dikatan in an object is to assist people in their job very tiring for him and therefore create a robot that helps people in need of the day – day. If in very severe cases expected because they had brought it from anywhere because the technology of Indonesia makes us proud of their own country which produces robot to bring the name of the area as well as the genius made until today we can only see

Robot With different results and make a difference menganggumkan perfectly kept us entertained and memakau beauty, even we can not see with our own eyes because of the miracles produced by genius in the world is very much calculated by him. So from there we can see because we are motivated to make a thing – an unusual thing in this world we can not even get out of a sense of anywhere until we make a decision that is reliable.

Robot Design Bambangan Cakil Ashvara

robot dance is the dance bambang cakil attract the very tradition that is getting better in the territory of our country, this achievement robot that is very reliable namely the 3rd place, the robot is unique in shape and size because it is designed specifically for dancing in the race and not lose too with robot another unique in itself, but the judge chose this robot is very reliable in dancing bambang cakil extremely make the audience will be entertained and amazed the action on stage

Robot reog Ponorogo

Reog ponorogo robot has a unique robot that can dance the others because of the skill very super duper which makes the audience will be entertained acts performing on stage very memakau judge who won Medail very proud. With the shape and size as reog make people amazed and surprised at what he had just seen, because the robot and boasts its own local name makes it more appreciated by the villagers.

Robot Ondel – Ondel

Robot Ondel – Ondel has unique characteristics that carries the name jakarta own distinctive with such Ondel doll – Ondel that accompany parties and weddings ondel – ondel very often arise because it is a culture that can no longer be forgotten by derah who have ondel – ondel and proud it was because he was getting it was the youngest to make robots like ondel – ondel, of course, is a genius could make this robot can move properly

Robot Dancer Jaipong Sri

This robot has a dance in Jaipur dancing with a pair or two female robot shaped and decorated like a man who was dancing and dancing on this stage, the uniqueness of robots is interesting to watch on stage he had to see a movement that is not usually the robot can be done with the normal is dance very unique and regionalism once made us fascinated and amazed to see even ourselves want to hold it and look at every detail of the robot and some partial body.

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