The discovery of the bodies of Mystery Alien

The discovery of the bodies Mystery Alien – An odd frame size of 15 centimeters is believed to be an alien corpse that never comes down to earth. However, until now the origin of the remains is still questionable.

As reported by LiveScience (30/4), an alien body was first discovered in late 2012 ago. inventions are in an unusual place, Acatama Desert, Chile.

Because of unusual size, many researchers have attributed this alien body with the alien presence on earth. However, there are many who think this is just a baby born that failed in the past.

The strangeness of this framework itself is seen only about 15 cm in size only. In addition, the ribs found only 10 of the total 12 which are usually owned by a normal human being.

Stranger still, there are a variety of unusual shapes that are owned by a foreign object is in the middle of the jaw and face. Plus they turricephaly shape, or enlargement of the head that is not found in humans generally.
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While the DNA of the research, it is known that this framework has in common with humans. However, researchers still doubt the existence of a mutation treatment suffered by foreign agencies.

“It is a mystery in the medical world that is very interesting, seeing the human body with a wide variety of disorders,” said Garry Nolan, Stanford School of Medicine

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