The generals who failed in the ‘Battlefield Politics’

military backgrounds who stand still has a magnet in the public eye. Military leaders have always identified with firmness. Discipline. And quickly make decisions.

In Indonesia alone, leading some military background reached the summit of political power. Suharto, is a figure with a military background who became the first president.

Suharto, became the President Sukarno, Indonesia’s first president. Many stories controversy succession of power from Sukarno to Suharto. Some call it is a ‘coup’ slowly. To be sure, G30S / PKI provides a way for Suharto appeared to peak power. And, for 32 years he was in power. Until then claim it back at 98, after riots in Jakarta burned.

Suharto last rank in the military, is a four-star or full general. At the end of his reign, Suharto was given the additional title. He appointed a five-star general, along with two other generals were General AH Nasution and General Sudirman.

Other military leaders who managed to follow the footsteps of Suharto, is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY commonly called. Yes, the President is the President with a military background. He, a full four-star general alias. In fact, Yudhoyono has been recommended to receive the same level as Soeharto, five-star general. But do not be granted, because reap much protest.

SBY, became president after winning the presidential election in 2004. At that time, he was a duet with Jusuf Kalla. In the 2009 presidential election, SBY back wins. This time he was paired with Boediono. So SBY is the first military leader who became president in person.

But beyond that, there are a number of other generals who try to follow the footsteps of Soeharto and SBY, the ambition to become President. But unfortunately, the generals have failed in the election arena. Who the generals who failed to become president or vice president?

1. General Wiranto

Wiranto, former Commander of the Army four-star general, was a military man trying to embrace desperate that the number one in this republic. In 2004, the ambition to become the number one in Indonesia, Wiranto initiated through a convention event held Golkar Party presidential candidate. At that time, Wiranto compete with Akbar Tandjung, Chairman of Golkar. Another competitor, fellow generals, namely Lt. Gen. (ret) Prabowo, former commander.

Wiranto convention finally came out as the winner. With so tickets for the presidential candidate of the gripping banyan. Together with Solahuddin Wahid, Gus Dur’s sister, Wiranto staring competition to the Palace.

There are five pairs of candidates contesting the presidential election which was first done directly. Five candidates who Wiranto-Solahuddin Wahid, Megawati-Hasyim, SBY-Jusuf Kalla, Amien Rais-Siswono Yudhohusodo and Hamzah Haz-Gumelar.

Of the five pairs of candidates, three of whom are generals. They are Wiranto, Gumelar and SBY. Dear asa Wiranto became president, failed. Raihan voice is not enough to deliver it to the second round. In the second half fight SBY-Jusuf Kalla and Megawati-Hasyim. Made history, the winner of SBY-Jusuf Kalla.

In the presidential election of 2009, Wiranto back forward rink. This time, no longer as a candidate. But he is so cawapresny Jusuf Kalla. Through-Hanura coalition of Golkar, Wiranto back wants to finish his desire pending in the Presidential Election 2004. Again a bitter pill to swallow. He Jusuf Kalla must recognize the victory of SBY, this time a duet with Boediono.

When the 2014 presidential elections will be held, back Wiranto show its teeth. He can declare as capresnya Hanura, the party founded and dikomandaninya. While lining up as a running mate is Hary Tanoesoedibjo, media conglomerates, who migrated from NasDem to Hanura. Once again a bitter pill to swallow. While advertising everywhere, Hanura achievement sounding muddy. As a result, Wiranto duet-Hary Tanoe projected forward in the 2014 presidential election juntrungnya not clear. In fact, foundered before the fight.

In the presidential election of 2014, Wiranto was forced to miss so contestants. He is quite satisfied so horenya team Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla, partner support. Wiranto is currently working in the cabinet so that Menkopolhukam Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla.

2. Lt. Gen. Prabowo

Other generals who failed to arrive at the palace was Lt. Gen. Prabowo. The former commander, three times tried to advance into the political battlefield for ambitions could be based at the Palace. The first time he applied for and join the convention in the presidential election of the Golkar Party. At the convention, a failure. Who wins is Wiranto, a former boss in the military.

Prabowo later founded Gerindra. Through the party, he again led the way to the Palace. He also d

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