This is the dreaded World Tribe

In the history of the tribe of course it was very meaningful for future generations. Generations later in the trip should read the history of his ancestors. Pieces like two sides of a coin, to learn, there are good things that need to be followed and there are also bad things that need to be abandoned.

Warfare and colonization of course very familiar happened in the past. Many slaughterous when fighting on the battlefield. In the history of the world there are several tribes known brave fighters achieved tub that knows no fear.

Here is a list of tribes in the world who do not know this fear.

Tribe this one is very familiar to us. Even one of the local clubs homeland fans, Persib Bandung using the name of the tribe. Viking tribe is a tribe that came from mainland Scandinavia. This tribe is known as the work of farmers, traders, and it was very popular to stay as a pirate.

Much of the literature mentions the history of the world when it adheres to a special trust tribes who worshiped the god of war. In the history of the world in the years 800-1050 AD, noted that the Viking tribes often perform acts of piracy in the river basin of Europe, the eastern coast of North America, even in the most regions of Russia and Constantinople. They perform acts of piracy in general when failed transactions in trade.

Viking nation’s capability and action in the fight no doubt. With only simple weapons such as spears, axes, and swords, these people challenging enemies.

Mongol Empire or the Mongol Empire, was recorded as the second largest empire in world history. By controlling the coverage area of ​​nearly 33 million km2. Even during the reign of dynasties yuan, remit to the mainland Indonesia, Java, Java formerly known as jawadwipa.

Mongolian empire created by a famous king boldly named Genghis Khan. This tribe is known as a brave nation and the bar when it invaded his opponent. When the fighting action and attack the enemy, this nation has always ride by using the arrow as his weapon. Indeed, this nation is known agile in-arrows on horseback.

Arrows weapon used usually contained different mixtures of toxic substances that can cause paralysis of his opponents were killed instantly, when injured by arrows. Besides being known by arrows weapons, these people are often using swords and spears. Sword used when fighting in close range.

Mongolian bold, known also have psychological techniques advanced to immobilize his opponent. The powerful combination of full use of advanced weapons and techniques when fighting has made this nation so feared.

Maybe some of us wonder, what psychological techniques used these people? Mongol applying psychological techniques were terrible. Imagine when they succeeded in killing people, then do not hesitate to have a direct Mongol behead enemies. Then the severed head was thrown into the ranks of the enemy as a sign that the nation would not hesitate to kill their enemies. As a result of this technique is successful enough to make opponents fear psychologically.

Maori tribe is a tribe that originated from the area of ​​New Zeland (New Zealand). Maori action in doing the fighting was terrible. In the 18th century, particularly Maori Polynesian society known as cannibals.

There is a belief for Maori, when they managed to eat the flesh of his opponent then they will get the power of his opponent. Because of that, then after successfully immobilize the opponent, Maori will directly eat the flesh of his opponent who has been paralyzed.

In October 1809, when a prisoner transport sailing ship European, Maori tribe attacked the ship. This action was done by Maori as a venue for revenge for the actions of abuse by the crew (crew Fruit Boat) for heads of Maori children.

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