This is the most unique in the World Village, Indonesia Including …

Village or too often synonymous with the word “hick” is often regarded as remote areas and always out of date. Many people often assume that conditions in the area where the access road is far ari, telco, and all things urban.

so many people are reluctant to come even to settle in the village. But not all villages like what dianggapan people for this, below is an artifact of the five villages really will change your opinion.

The five villages have advantages and uniqueness that you will not find in all the villages and even urban areas is very much a modern all. You would not think there are two villages in the country of Indonesia. Following a brief review of five villages:

1. Netherlands, Giethoorn

The village is located in a town called Steenwjik, Netherlands. The village is very popular in the world. Because the village was founded in the year 1230 has not had access to the highway. There is only a small canal path or river also right around the village. Causing the boat people should menaki even to visit a neighbor.

2. Morocco, Chefchaouen
chefchaouen_ colorful stair

The village this one will keep you hypnotized by the beauty of the extraordinary architecture. But it’s not because of the shape of the building, but instead of colors on a house in the village Identics blue. The reason why this village bidntik with blue for the arrival of Jews around 1930. They painted the entire house using wrana wrana blue of the sky and is interpreted as a symbol of good.

3. Japan, Zao Fox Village

The next village known for its occupants fox was very adorable and cute. Precisely located in Miyagi prefecture tourists can visit and play at the same time to feed foxes. But the visitors were warned to be vigilant because there are not domesticated foxes, especially when bringing small children. Some Japanese believe foxes have magical powers that are considered messengers of Inari the god of fertility and prosperity.

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4. Indonesia, Kampung Tridi

6-village-the most unique-in-the-world-

The town is known for apples are shown to have a unique addition to the tourist destinations in Malang. If you are on vacation you can visit Kampung Malang Tridi, village concept one emiliki these unique three-dimensional painting and realist show lifelike images that were on the walls of public facilities in housing also dipingir alley. Residents are inspired by 3D images are created as a result of tourist sites creativity. hot-hands hot-love hot-yes hot-artist hot-hotel hot-quote hot-heboh hot-shot funny-love hot-dress hot-male funny-new funny-day hot-music hot-model mystery-xt hot-party funny-indo hot-spring hot-funny hot-game funny-hot funny-cat hot-dance hot-india hot-offer funny-art hot-quest funny-car hot-ground hot-detik hot-bling hot-hug hot-or-not hot-in-bed hot-n-cold hot-in-bus.

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