Unique and Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is a country located ranging from Eastern Europe to North Asia. The total area of ​​the Russian state reached up to 17.0754 million km². And makes it the largest region in the world.

In addition, Russia also has 11 different time zones and also different types of environments. Russian is the official language is now used as the national language. But there are still over 27 other languages ​​are scattered in various parts of the Russian state. And behind its diversity, it turns out Russia also save a lot of unique and interesting facts that can certainly make you in awe. Here are 17 unique and interesting facts about the state of Russia:

1. Railway Most Long in the World
Status as the country with the largest area in the world. Make the Russian state also has its own uniqueness in the extension of the railway line. How unattractive if the Trans Siberian railway line which in Russia is the longest in the world. Cool, right? The train has a length of 9200 kilometers and stretches from Moscow to the city of Vladivostok.

2. Most Mcdonalds Restaurants in the World
One other interesting fact of the Russian state is a McDonalds restaurant where most of the world. However the magnitude of the restaurant is to provide 700 seats for visitors. Remarkably, in 2012 and later, exactly at the London Olympics this restaurant once with a record number of 1,500 seats.

3. Total Number of Women More Than Men
The imbalance between the number of men to women in the Russian state is believed to be due to the effects of war in World War II past. Since then many people in Russia who should die for his part in the fighting in that period. As a result of the imbalance that now many women in Russia who choose to live alone than to be married because of the heavy competition for human dreams.

4. wedding ring on the ring finger to the right
If we usually see people in Indonesia wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger. But not with others in Russia. Because Russia has a unique tradition that puts a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand. However it turns out, the same thing also happened in some other European countries such as Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece, and Austria.

5. Do not Love Flowers
In Indonesia give flowers to someone means signifies love and affection. But things like that do not happen in the Russian state. Because for Russia to give flowers it means letting them have the bad luck. Because for them it’s very sticky flowers once in the event of death or even funerals.

6. Countries with Most of the land in the World
Do not be fooled by the fact this one. Since Russia is famous for mainland states with the most extensive in the world. Even more incredibly, the Russian land is almost twice as large as the United States.

7. His home World miliader
In the Russian state many people as billionaire status from other countries in the world. No wonder the number of billionaires in Moscow is much more than the number of millionaires in the busiest city in the world, New York.

8. Crude Oil Producing World’s Second Largest
As crude oil-producing countries, Russia is not inferior to countries in the Middle East. For the moment Russia is the country with the largest crude oil producer in the world. The first position is still held by Saudi Arabia, which produces up to 10.9 million barrels per day.

9. Have transport Super Fast
People in Russia are very happy to travel using public transport such as trains and buses. I wonder if the train timetable in Russia only intermittent every 90 seconds. Very fast not?

10. Not Like Handshake Over the past
One of the unique customs of the Russian people do not like to shake hands first. Why is that? For Russians believe that by shaking hands first then it will be able to bring a bad thing.

11. Free School
Almost similar-similar to those in Indonesia. Russia also has a free school program. But in Russia the free school is divided into three stages of primary school, secondary school principals, and specialized secondary schools. But this does not continue free education up to the tertiary level.

12. N Vice-President
The uniqueness of the Russian State is not the position of vice president. One of the reasons for the position of vice president was eliminated because of past events betrayal by the vice pres

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