When the Korean War Broke Again, It Will Happen At Artis Korea

Fans of Korean celebrities have a lot to ask, why the hell should exist deployment of all? Most of the actual status do not know if South Korea is still in a state of war! Yes, since the ceasefire came into force in 1953, South Korea and North Korea has not been tied to peace and to know each other.

So the chances of the Korean war will break out again in the most unexpected times. Said people are still depending on her mood is also Kim Jong Un supreme leader of North Korea. You may have a sudden in the morning he went declaration of war. South Korea also added manas-manasin latest situation after he made anti-missile system THAAD.

The latter is still ruled the Korean entertainment industry in Asia, the artist will inevitably be affected. Well, if the Korean war would erupt right, you see an image that will be accepted idols and hallyu star.

So the Army Reserve

What is the purpose of compulsory military service? Yes, only civilians nyiapin made into a reserve army if the country needs. Well, South Korea is known about the most diligent application of military service, because the country is officially not stop a war with North Korea.

the mandatory use of military indiscriminately, all healthy men aged 20-30 should take. This means that all South Korean men are reserve soldiers that the war including ready if needed.

During the war the army reserves likely civilians would be trained more intensively than the draftee. They are preparing seriously for skilled combat troops.

Imagine not that Song Joong Ki ever act so that the army should join the real war? Definitely on all hysterical fans in the world.

If true the Korean War broke out again, all the celebrity fans of K-Pop and K-Drama certainly will pray that South Korean forces can win, I joined his idol is not a real war.

Plunge into Battlefields If Korea Pressed

It is the most feared of the fans, so the worst case scenario for the origin of the artist ginseng. All Korean male celebrities do not want to get involved in a civil war if the South Korean army started recessive.

They can not refuse, and it is almost impossible to escape. Just as the Korean War in 1950 in which soldiers forced Korean youth to engage in war, and penalties for those who refuse.

Countries South Korea will have to anticipate before the war broke out, and forbade anyone from traveling abroad. So there is no longer any possibility for Korean male artist to evacuate.

The problem is that if the reserve army is already engaged in a war, it is a sign that South Korea is almost gone. Then use the last opportunity by deploying civilians as soldiers.

Well, the gravity of Korean artists who only joined the army for 2 years (and even then more ambassadors so that military and entertainer) chances are very skilled in handling weapons. This means that the involvement of Korean artists in the war could have been a mere martyr.

Wah will be headline news everywhere if the incident is true, “a row of Korean artist fell in the battlefield”.
a different story if South Korea surrendered before the army deployed a backup. Male celebrity is going to last, but should be ready to be a citizen of Korean Communists as a consequence.

Vacuum from the entertainment world or Stop Onwards

When the war broke out, most artists would be a temporary vacuum of the entertainment world. The mass media will obviously terfosir to cover the war and the entertainment industry will be dimmed.

How long vacuum depending on the length of war and the end result. If South Korea wins or there is a peace agreement (including a cease-fire), then fortunately hallyu star can continue his career.

Naasnya if North Korea were to win, we can be sure all the Korean artists will cap a career if they work with the same format. Unless you want to adjust with the North Korean entertainers are very conservative.

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