5 Photos Alien Trust Not a Hoax

Alien is a mysterious figure, until now the existence of aliens is still a mystery and controversy among masyarakat.Meski many people who deny the existence of extraterrestrials, the fact that many people who could find no evidence that the existence of aliens never seen on earth.

Here are 5 photos Alien Trust No Hoax. Now the question is, whether these pictures are real? You respect yourself ya!
1. Alien photographed in Mexico

Alien First Photo
This photograph is a series of pictures taken in the area of ​​Mexico. A mystery to this day no one knows who has been photographed and the pictures were only found in public. So no one knows for sure if it was real or not aliens.
2. Video Alien Owned DNI

Alien First Photo

This picture was taken in a video taken that he said of aliens arrested at the office of DNI (Director of National Intelligence). From what was said in the video and looks it, the figure is believed to be captured by the aliens and aliens are presumed dead after the video was taken.
3. Alien Dead Arrested

Alien First Photo

This is probably the best images ever obtained alien humans. Suspected Alien This red alien is a person who has died and is ready for post-mortem. Although it is not known where the facilities to do so, but the images captured so clearly and make the alien theory lovers became excited.
4. Alien Photo in Chile

Alien First Photo

This picture is really just an ordinary photograph taken from a woman in Chile until the end there are two foreign-looking figure with three legs look behind the driver on the left. Do you think it’s real?
5. Record Accidental Alien

Alien First Photo

Photos figure gray alien accidentally tersyuting in hunting camera anywhere in North America. hunter deliberately placing the camera in the forest and it seems the camera to take a picture that turns out to be an alien figure.

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