5 Photos Jadul World UFO sightings

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) has been a mysterious object in the universe is the universe. UFO is always identical to the aircraft used by the alien extraterrestrials. However, due to the existence of the mysterious, not everyone believes that UFOs exist. But the theory that humans are not the only ones living in the world of the universe, has become so busy discussed.

Even some of the photos have captured the UFO sightings around the world. Not only edited pictures, but the pictures are portraits of old school before today’s advanced engineering technology. Photos taken before this millennium era as membuktik that UFOs ever hovered over the sky of the world and left a sense of mystery.

Here are 5 photos Jadul UFO sighting as reported in the World Oddee.com:
1. UFO nearby Rice – US

Jadul photos of UFO sightings in the World
The only information contained in this photo just taken in an area in the United States in the early 1920s. From the hilly terrain captured in the photo, it looks like this image taken at the east and west banks of the United States.

In the photo, you can see that there is a strange object hovering in the sky to the right wagon drawn by two horses. UFO Known as the 1920s, the best technology is still a very rare thing, even less likely to exist.
2. UFO in Hopeh Province – China

Jadul photos of UFO sightings in the World

Residents in China seems to have experienced a UFO hovering just be weird. Precisely are residents of provincial cities Tiensten, Hopeh in 1942. It was created during World War II, a street photographer in Tiensten catch sightings of strange objects hovering in the sky.

photographers instantly print photos and sell them. From the photos, it appears there was a UFO hovering right above the road Tsientsien sky. Only, why only one person aware of the hovering UFO?
3. The Battle of Los Angeles

Jadul photos of UFO sightings in the World

Battle of Los Angeles is to inspire a film titled BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES This is probably one of the photos of the most popular UFO sightings. Where the light is like focusing on the point that the alleged UFO in the sky.

Even so, this photo does not prove the existence of aliens that seem to appear out of the sky. But other allegations emerge that photos taken in 1942 has been engineered enough TV program.
4. UFO Vancouver City Hall

Jadul photos of UFO sightings in the World

This photograph was taken by a soldier named Leonard Lamoreux 21 years while visiting the new Vancouver City Hall in 1937. Together with his partner, Leonard saw a light blue as the sky and then the summit was the greater light that appears to float a known figure named UFO.

In his confession, Leonard called out directly photographed the mysterious object was then very quickly disappears into the sky again. Which makes Leonard really fear is the UFO was gone without a sound.
5. oldest UFO photos

Jadul photos of UFO sightings in the World

This photo really captures the cloud formations are found at the top of Mt. Washington during the winter of 1870-1871 years ago. But apparently what caught in the photos is not just a mere natural phenomena, but there is the appearance of unidentified objects floating air away. No wonder that this photo is regarded as the oldest photo UFO sightings throughout history.

Try to remember, in 1870, the best technology and application engineering photos have not been found. So the answer to what celestial objects that float there until finally disappearing history edible. In 2002, this photo appears when Samuel M Sherman, director of the Independent-International Pictures Corp. bought it for USD 385 (USD 4.6 million) on eBay.

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