5 Proof That Alien Ever Trust On Earth

When speaking alien from outer space is endless. Many people who claim to have seen even kidnapped. And not a few who do not believe that aliens exist.

But since ancient times before there is already some evidence or signs of aliens who had stopped to earth. Is it true? We only refer to the 5 Proof That Alien Trust Ever On Earth:
1. Dropas Stones (China – 10,000 BC)
Evidence of Alien On Earth

Along the Chinese-Tibetan border, in the area Dropa Stones show confidence thing as aliens landing on earth. We explored some caves in the Himalayas, an arcology professor and his students discovered a small cemetery that contains some strange creature skeletons in it.

There are no tombstones, but there slab resembles a coin with a hole in the middle and a groove spiraling out of the hole plate.

Dr. Tsum Um concluded grooves contained in hieroglyphs tell a story of a group called the Dropas that falls on the earth. Dropas tries to befriend the local tribes, but was killed by primitive man and shunned because of their appearance.
2. Vimana (India – 3000 BC)
Evidence of Alien On Earth
Vimana has many meanings in Sanskrit, one of which included a machine that has the ability to fly. In the ancient texts in the 3000 century BC, the Vimana described as a vehicle that can fly not only in our atmosphere, but also of the earth’s atmosphere and space explorers.

Often used as a vehicle for Hindu gods, vimana estimate the spacecraft visible at the time, but because of the Earth’s population still see everything was exceptional as the rampage of the gods then they conclude Vimana as a vehicle of the Hindu Gods.
3. hieroglyphs of Pharaoh Thutmose III (Egypt – 1300 BC)
Evidence of Alien On Earth
ancient hieroglyphs tell the supernatural events that occurred in Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III. In carving, tells the story of a circle of fire appeared in the sky at night for several days.

Ring of fire and then up into the sky, heading south, and disappeared. Could this be a sign of aliens ever come to earth?
4. Painting The Madonna with Saint Giovannino (1400s End BC)
Evidence of Alien On Earth
Looking in detail at the painting of the Virgin Mary under the title of The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by Domenico Ghirlandaio, visible in the upper right corner.
In a painting made in the late 1400s that the plate seen in the sky hovering in the air flying, and below that a man standing with a dog (silhouette)

What these images just a coincidence? Painting debate many historians and art.
5. The microchip in the body of Napoleon (Year 1794)
Evidence of Alien On Earth
After checking the skeletal remains of one of the greatest rulers of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, scientists were baffled when they find something that resembles a half-inch long microchip.

Experts include Dr. Andre Dubois, believe that this is proof that Napoleon was abducted by aliens. Napoleon never lost for a few days in July 1794, when he was 25 years old, said Dubois.

He then claimed that, The French leader has been detained during the coup Themidorian but no arrest record I get it, I believe, keimpulan me that she had been abducted by aliens added.

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