5 Reasons Why Most Powerful Alien Not Found

Many people believe in extraterrestrial life. They were called Alien. Indeed, many things that reinforce that aliens really exist. But not a few who oppose it. If anything, could explain all natural phenomena. For those who believe and are very fanatical about the existence of aliens on a planet other than Earth, will attempt to show proof of evidence in the form of photos, videos flying saucer in the sky free, and others sebagai.Namun ironic, until now forming and shape the Alien is not or has not been found , Meanwhile, according to Science, there are many reasons why until now the Alien which was never found.
Here are 5 Reasons Why Most Powerful Alien Not Found:
1. Earth is special

According to The Rare Earth hypothesis, the earth is a planet with a chain of events that creates so complicated. Although many planets similar to Earth, no planet has exactly the same structure as the earth. The main factor is the earth hospitable for life with a very very long time, climate conditions on Earth are relatively stable, as it has a constant orbit and position. Without the right distance from the sun and the moon, the planet may be too hot or too cold, oxygen may also be limited.
2. Hardware inadequate

Moreover, scientists like the late Frank Drake and Carl Sagan has given the argument that there would be no evidence that aliens exist. Alien Hunting is not a sensible thing because the fund is down from the government are not comparable with the necessary budget. Special equipment is needed with remarkable sophistication to capture the specific frequency of the existence of aliens. Almost impossible to realize it.
3. Human beings can not recognize the signal Alien

Alien Humans can not recognize the signal. Let Alien, even something that just rocks and shadows are sometimes seen as the embodiment of extraterrestrials. If indeed it is true aliens, should have detected signs of life, is not it? But there are only false hope that turns out upon investigation only rocks or just shadows.
4. Theory scientist and Alien Resurrection

Paleontologist Peter Ward creates The Medea Hypothesis, in which humans and other organisms have a super seeds of self-destruction. This way it will relate to the theory of the Great Filter. This theory suggests that humans would die and disintegrate before he was able to develop quite well and make contact with alien (extraterrestrial) .Hipotesis called Medea from Greek mythology who killed her own child.

in this case the planet Medea, while the people on Earth are descended. Humans do not want to die, but want all ends of the earth (Resurrection) and extinction is really going to happen before the creatures living in it find happiness in the world. Peter Ward believes that nearly brought about by the previous mass extinctions of living organisms. In short, human life time will not be enough to find a way to get in touch with aliens.
5. Factors religion

Quoted from the Daily Mail (7/5), a professor from the University of Cadiz, Spain named Gabriel De la Torre reveals several factors why humans can not find Alien, one of which is religion. Prior to spawn this statement, De la Torre took the survey data of 116 students from the United States, Italy and Spain. Various answers obtained from surveys conducted. However, the two biggest things that finally concluded by De la Torre is an element of human stupidity and religion itself.

We (humans) are not yet ready to meet and communicate with aliens because of global awareness is still unformed. People in this world are too busy with the affairs of the next day and the government did not give special attention to this problem. We are not insensitive to the round (the other planets and Outer Space, including the possibility of the existence of aliens). The influence of religious beliefs and also became one of the factors why I say that people are not ready if need be met by aliens or even find it, “said De la Torre.

He also explained that there is a possibility that there are aliens out there, and different in terms of human physical, mental, social and even moral. “They may not like people who have a body with elements of biology, it is possible they are robots,” he continued. De la Torre who have worked for the Mars 500 project also explains the Active SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) or extraterrestrials search project. “What would happen if this project (SETI Active) successfully and the ‘something’ is receiving signals us. Are we ready for it?” he explained.

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