5 Similar Buildings In The World’s Most Famous UFO

UFO or flying saucer is commonly called, is a mystery that has not known the truth. Even so, there are at least 5 Similar Buildings In The World’s Most Famous UFO and always make tourists want to come there. Any?

These buildings have a variety of reasons why it should be shaped flying saucer, because there is a history of an alien who comes to it, or simply as a tourist attraction only.

Compiled detikTravel, Friday (11/04/2014) is 5 Most Famous UFO Similar Buildings in the World:
1. Bridge UFO, Slovakia
UFO similar buildings

City of Bratislava in Slovakia famous Novy Most often called UFO Bridge, aka the Bridge UFO. No wonder, a bridge with a length of 431 meters and a width of 21 meters have similar houses flying saucer on it.

Building on Bridge UFO is also known by the name of the restaurant UFO. Yes, this is a restaurant that is shaped like a flying saucer that you see on TV. Because of the unique shape, the restaurant was never empty of tourists visit. UFO Restaurant is located at a height of 80 meters!

Not only to eat, but the restaurant also offers a tour to the top to see the beautiful view from the height of City of Bratislava. Tickets for 6 euros, or around Rp 98 thousand. At night, flying saucer-shaped restaurant that emits bright light. UFO is more like it!
2. Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Thailand
UFO similar buildings
Anybody who viewed Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani province certainly unbelievable shock. It was round and flat, very similar to a flying saucer!

But make no mistake, Wat Phra Dhammakaya actual monastery. Vihara very broad, reaching 400 hectares. The shape resembles a flying saucer has attracted the attention of tourists. Not to mention, the dome on top is made of gold and 300 thousand over a statue of Buddha in it.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya never devoid of religious activities and is always crowded during holiday celebrations Buddhists. This monastery can accommodate 100 thousand pilgrims and home to 3,000 monks. At night, the temple shone gold and so it looks more like a flying saucer. If you want to come, located about 16 km from the international airport north of Don Mueang, Bangkok.

3. UFO, Sweden
UFO similar buildings
Imagine you are walking in the dense forests in Harads, Sweden and saw an oval building. Fear not the first, it was a UFO which was a hotel room.

UFO is one of the hotel rooms is unique from Treehotel in Sweden. Taking the UFO theme, building a hotel room like a flying saucer. The shape is slightly oval, white, and there are at altitude. If you want to go in there, you have to climb the wooden stairs first.

The big UFO about 30 square meters. In it there is a sofa, a bed, a bathroom, and dining room. UFO is designed to be occupied by 4 four people, two adults and two small children. Price per night to stay there for 3300 SEK (Swedish Krona), or approximately USD 4.8 million. Do you sleep in UFO’s?
4. Nave Espacial de Varginha, Brazil
UFO similar buildings
Varginha is a city in the most famous story of the Brazilian UFO landing. The story, in 1996 the local community digegerkan by a flying saucer landed event.

In fact, some people claim to see aliens whose height 3 to 4 meters, thin, with large triangular head with three short horns, a large oval red eyes upward, and does not have a nose or ear.

At that time people were looking for a massive alien in Varginha. Not to forget, the local media also reported and made big headlines about UFOs. Even so, the Brazilian government has denied the existence of UFOs landed and evidence so far have not found the truth of the existence of aliens or flying saucers.

Regardless of whether or not, tourists who come to Varginha’ll want to hear the story of UFO there. Local communities and UFO enthusiasts are building Nave Espacial de Varginha, a flying saucer-shaped water tower in 2001 and up to 20 meters. icon of UFO tower of Varginha and light purple at night. Do not think that flying saucers are real ya!
5. Monument Buzludzha, Bulgaria
UFO similar buildings
Buzludzha monument is located in the Balkan Mountains, precisely in the region of Stara Planina. The monument is located above an altitude of 1,441 meters above sea level and opened in 1981.

Historically, when the monument was built by the communist regime in Bulgaria. Buzludzha monument built to commemorate the events of 1891, which is when the socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled there to form a socialist movement and founded the Social Democratic Party of Bulgaria.

After the communist regime collapsed, Monument Buzludzha no longer managed by the Bulgarian government. monumennya

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